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Updated: Current Map of Aleppo Battle 6/4/2014

Update on map of the countryside south of Aleppo. SAA has liberated Mount Azzan, Ain Assan and Assan. The SAA is still advancing rapidly, this might look like another flanking maneuver to relieve pressure on the western front of Aleppo Related articles Aleppo: Updated Battle Map Terrorists too brutal for al Qaeda? Aleppo: Syria’s Stalingrad?

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Israel’s Hidden Agenda in Syria

The Israeli Government is the greatest parasite in the Middle East due to their illegal occupation of Palestine and their interference in the domestic affairs of foreign nations. In fact, there has not been a war that Israel has not indirectly or directly involved themselves (save the Gulf War, but Iraq did fire scud missiles…

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  Large rally in Latakia today supporting elections, the army and President Bashar Al-Assad   LATAKIA NORTH: Fighting reported in all these areas as the SAA reduces the number of terrorists in the north to about 2,000 by killing them or starving them to death.  The Turks can’t help. Dooreen, Al-Duwayrka, Khaan Al-Jawz, Al-Kabeer, Al-Furunluq…

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Aleppo Central Prison Completely Liberated !

    I was out of the office today because of an important assignment.  I returned to find my desk and all my computers filled with reports which I must sort out tomorrow. CONFIRMED, THE PRISON IS COMPLETELY FREED OF TERRORISTS.  THE ENTIRE AREA IS NOW UNDER THE CONTROL OF THE SYRIAN ARMY. We saw…

Map of Aleppo Military Situation
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Aleppo: Updated Battle Map

SAA is about half a kilometer from Aleppo Central Prison. Furthermore the army is merely a few hundred meters from Suleiman al-Halabi station which is located between Midan and Sakhur. Resecuring the water station will be vital if Aleppo is to ensure a steady flow of water inside the city.The army is looking to connect…

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Let us first make absolutely clear that a mortar is a lethal bomb. It is an explosive projectile with low velocities, short ranges, and high arcing trajectories. It is from the Latin, meaning crushed. Now, let every person in the United States of America imagine the following chronology of devastation occurring in the U.S. within a few short weeks:…