How To!?! — Some Answers.


Click the Login link in the main menu;

Login from main menu

When you see the login form; Fill in your User credentials and CLICK the ReCAPTCHA, if you do not, the system will refuse you. [The ReCAPTCHA is a simple countermeasure against automated bots that register accounts, there are plenty of ways around it but most bot owners don’t bother with it as there are a hundred million or so of other WordPress sites that don’t use ReCAPTCHA and are easier targets, so it works for us. To make things very clear; No we REALLY don’t care if you don’t like it, we probably should, but we really don’t, the additional work involved to cater to YOUR negative view of ReCAPTCHA is simply too much!] click “Remember Me” if you’d like the credentials to be saved for a longer time, and hit the Login button.

How To!?! -- Some Answers. 1


In the right upper corner, you’ll find your profile;

How To!?! -- Some Answers. 2

If you click it, it’ll fold-out and give you the options to either logout, check your points or edit your profile;

How To!?! -- Some Answers. 3


Profile pictures and how to get one;