Dr. Ja’afari arrived in Geneva with the Syrian government’s delegation.  Oh, its a thankless task but one for which he is eminently well-trained.  I suspect the boredom of being around the U.N. chief delegate, Staffan DiMistura, will be asphyxiating.  In any case, expect nothing from this meeting.  Expect more from the talks at Astana.

The Saudi-funded opposition continues to carp about the same non-starters.  It is obvious to all of us that they are delusional, at best.  They are so ignorant they have not realized that their terrorists have lost the war and that all remaining terrorist forces are now concentrated in Idlib.  The Russian government has announced the withdrawal of its aircraft from Syria indicating clearly that the Kremlin believes the Syrian Army and its allies are more than well-equipped to exterminate the criminals holed up in Idlib.  With Russia and Turkey becoming increasingly friendly, there is little fear that Ankara will intervene to stop the Syrian Army’s onslaught against Alqaeda in Idlib.

DAMASCUS:  The situation in the East Ghoutaa is tolerably stable.  Jaysh Al-Islam, led by the Wahhabist ‘Alloosh family, is adhering to the Russian-engineered truce there.  However, on the western side of the capital, the Zionist Apartheid Entity is encouraging its Al-Qaeda allies to keep fighting.  However, Zionist leadership has proven to be inadequate.

The Syrian Army has completely liberated a series of villages and towns on the eastern side of the Barda’yaa Hill in the West Ghoutaa abutting the Golan Heights.  The hill is surrounded by Bayt Jinn Farms which is infested with Nusra cannibals.  This area is southwest of Kafr Hoor.  Yesterday, the SAA killed over 43 Nusra terrorists and were about to kill many more when the Zionist-supported terrorists started diversionary artillery fire out of Tal Al-Sha’aar in order to give their rodents time to regroup.


ALEPPO:  Yesterday, 59 former rodents threw down their arms and concluded agreements with the government to go back to a normal life.  This was accomplished at Ba’ath Party HQ in Aleppo.  Most of the rodents were from Manbij and A’zaaz.  They have also promised to fight the enemies of Syria which now includes the Kurds.

Of note, the U.S. Pentagon has confessed to fibbing about the actual number of American troops in Syria.  It’s now 1,720 and not the 500 they claimed last week.


HOMS:  At Al-Sukhna, elements of the Syrian Intelligence agencies beat back an attempt to attack a military checkpoint by ISIS.  Alert spotters detected a van carrying 8 ISIS vultures all wearing suicide belts.  The red van itself was also packed in every crevice with high explosives.  I am informed that the plan was to drop the seven terrorists with exploding belts and then drive the van into the SAA strongpoint and explode the truck.  The other suicide belts were to be detonated in separate operations.  Sadly for our vultures, the van was turned into charred, molten metal before it even came close to the perimeter of the checkpoint.


DAYR EL-ZOR:    This front is coming to a conclusion as I write.  There is little left to liberate.  In any case, what little is left can be ascribed to the Euphrates River Valley and a string of agricultural villages and towns.  Last Wednesday, the SAA cleaned up the following areas:

Al-Khashfa Village


Waadi Al-Ward

Tal Milhim


Dhahr Nasraani

Al-Shaykh ‘Ali

Waali Al-Khoor

Faydhat Ahmad Al-Hayfaan

Waadi Faleeta

Waadi Al-Sayl

And today, Al-Qooriyya Town has been deloused.  It is south of Al-Mayaadeen where scores of ISIS terrorists were concealed under the natural vegetation within the borders of the Euphrates Valley on the West Bank of the river.  I am informed that ISIS gave up 22 dead rodents and scores wounded without any hope of medical treatment.



Really nice article about war crimes, the Saudis and Trump by our hero, Pat Buchanan:

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