Does anybody believe the U.S. is acting honorably in Syria?  Well?  The Russians don’t and they’ve been accusing the U.S. of duplicity in the fight against ISIS and pure indifference in the fight against Alqaeda which is now called Jabhat Fath Al-Shaam.  American two-facedness has reasons which need some analysis.

It is hard for this writer to tell if Donald Trump really has his finger on the foreign policy button. It is even more debatable whether Rex Tillerson has any influence on foreign policy.  The entire Trump administration has the appearance of a failing amateur circus existing only for some kind of tax deduction. Nowhere in the world is this more obvious than in Syria.

We all agree that if the U.S. wanted the war in Syria to end, it could contribute mightily to that conclusion by stopping all forms of assistance to ISIS and pressuring its allies in Saudi Arabia to turn off the financial spigot which is the first form of enticement these terrorist organizations can deploy to gain and keep recruits.  In interview after interview in Iraq and Syria, captured ISIS rodents continue to repeat the same mantra:  that they joined ISIS because it paid them $100.00 per month as a salary when nobody else in the country could deliver such generous sums.  In recently liberated Hawija, an ISIS recruit from the Muhaymin family told interviewers exactly that.  Other factors such as fear of Shi’i expansion, of course, are notable, but, in the final analysis, it’s money that talks in the world of recruitment.

The U.S. has been filmed, recorded and seen by witnesses who claim that the U.S. Air Force and Army would transport ISIS terrorists by helicopter from areas about to be overtaken by the legitimate Syrian Army.  Russia’s observers at Humaymeem have received very credible reports confirming America’s hypocritical policies toward Syria.  If it is true that Donald Trump is opposed to ISIS and has ordered his DoD to destroy it, then, in that case, it appears that another agency of government is working to sabotage the president’s policies.  That agency is, obviously, the CIA.

During the Obama years, the CIA was geared to overthrowing the legitimate government in Damascus, a war crime and a violation of international law.  CIA was committed to giving logistical support, training and financial help to organizations already listed as “terrorist” by the State Department.  Many of those terrorist groups were being supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates who tended to favor groups fighting under the banner of Wahhabism.  Thus, with American allies complicit in the plot to oust Dr. Assad, it became even easier for the CIA to infiltrate and control many of the actions of the criminal enterprises lumped into the generic “opposition” label.  Those same CIA agents who were deeply involved in the failed operation to remove Assad from power are still in the CIA and have not joined the Trump bandwagon.

That’s one theory.  Another theory holds that Trump’s own sordid association with Prime Minister Benny Mileikowski, (a/k/a Netanyahu) pushes the president into the twilight world of Janus where he says one thing while doing something other.  Trump appears to be under the Mileikowski thumb as he plods his way from one disaster to another.  In fact, his decision to “decertify” the Iranian Nuclear Accord might be proof positive of the Rasputin-like influence Mileikowski enjoys over this new kook in the White House.

Iran’s growing influence in the region and its deeply-rooted intellectual heritage terrifies the Saudis and their rag-head allies in the Gulf.  While Iran has lived with crushing sanctions for years before the nuclear accord, it was still able to erect a formidable technological edifice that is now growing exponentially.  In the meanwhile, the Saudis, who practice a pre-Cambrian form of devil-worship, cannot export anything but oil and dates.  And the oil is pumped, refined and shipped out by foreigners.  God only knows who picks the dates and packages them.  It’s certainly not the Saudis.

It is clear to this writer that the Americans are not worried about Dr. Assad who seems, if anything, to be a slick operator who can marshall resources and alliances with his father’s cunning.  I sincerely believe that the move to oust the good doctor is viewed, even in the CIA, as a massive blunder, and, that he is viewed today in McLean, Virginia, as a better option than either Alqaeda or ISIS.  However, the Iranian bogeyman’s shadow is not dispelled by the continuity of the Ba’athist government in Damascus.  Iran’s power seems to be growing alarmingly.  It is quite possible that the CIA has come to the final conclusion that, like it or not, Assad has to go in order for the project in Syria to bear fruit.  The hypocrisy is playing out with this kind of thinking.

The CIA appears to be focused today on the possibility of manipulating the Iraqi government into an agreement to permit U.S. forces to remain in Iraq long after ISIS has been vanquished.  With the U.S. policy in Syria aimed at creating a buffer along the border to block Iranian natural gas pipelines in tatters after Damascus (with Iran’s help) neutralized the base at Al-Tanf, the U.S. has the other option of playing the Iraqi card.  If only Baghdad would permit such an agreement.

It is our opinion that Baghdad is more influenced by Iran than by the U.S.  It is a sorry conclusion for the CIA that it has participated in fighting ISIS in Mesopotamia, seemingly, once again, at the behest of Tehran.  Just as Iran watched gleefully as the U.S. destroyed Saddam’s Iraq only to be asked politely to leave by the Al-Maaliki government, it will watch even more gleefully as the U.S. struggles to extirpate ISIS from Iraq only to find out that P.M. Al-‘Abbaadi will also ask the Americans politely to head home after the present task is finished.  This might be why the Kurdish card is being played now despite the protests from Ankara.

Note that the U.S. is willing to sacrifice its relationship with Turkey over this issue.  Absolutely unwilling to accept a Rabelaisian failure of its entire Syrian project, the CIA continues to pursue one delusion after another. Maybe ousting Dr. Assad and his Ba’athist government is not as much a priority any longer – maybe it’s a secondary goal which will come about when all the CIA ducks are finally in a row.  This de-prioritization of overthrowing the government in Damascus is only a ploy to permit the U.S. to play a duplicitous game in Syia – to pretend to be fighting ISIS whilst providing it with all it needs to remain a thorn in the sides of the two governments in Syria and Iraq.  With this scenario in play, the U.S. can expect the Iraqi government to continue “needing” the U.S.  And if ISIS is miraculously destroyed, then, there is the U.S.-created crisis with the Kurds.  (Even now Iraqi forces appear poised to strike the Kurds at Kirkuk.)

Donald Trump does not read anything but articles that praise him.  In only 8 months, he has taken the U.S. out of the Paris Accord on Climate Change, but, with the hope that the “Master Negotiator” can get a “better deal” for the American people.  He is threatening to leave NAFTA unless he gets a better deal for the American people.  He has withdrawn from UNESCO because it is too mean to the Zionist Apartheid State.  He withdrew American support for the Pacific Rim nations’ pact and left it high and dry.  He just signed an executive order to denigrate the Affordable Care Act since Congress has been unwilling to abandon millions of Americans who finally have medical coverage.  He has concluded a deal with the Saudis, the world’s biggest supporters of terrorism, providing billions in weapons and ordnance while the people of Yemen are suffering under the barbaric heel of Wahhabist-inspired mayhem.  He has clumsily dealt with the aftermath of the devastation caused by a category 5 hurricane in Puerto Rico.  He has “decertified” the Iranian Nuclear Accord claiming Iran is violating the “spirit” of the agreement.  He has brought shame and disgrace to the U.S. and sullied its reputation as an honorable nation.

Is American policy in Syria two-faced? Yes.  With Trump claiming to be fighting ISIS, his own CIA has been ordered to maintain a “second track” to block Iran’s growth in the region.  We would like to warn the Prime Minister of Iraq that his head might be on the chopping block as the U.S. entrenches itself in his country.  Trump will not leave as easily as Obama because Mileikowski will order him to stay.



We are confirming the news that the Syrian Army has liberated the city of Al-Mayaadeen.  Syrian infantry is searching the area for remnant rodents while army engineers dismantle the complex network of mines, IEDs and booby traps laid down by the fleeing vermin.  The SAA is all over the eastern bank of the Euphrates.

Ash Carter’s analysis of the mess he helped to create in Syria:

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