Well, you’d think Rex Tillerson, the “embattled” American Secretary of State would have learned his lesson by now. You’d think that the shadows of Berluscony, Zapatero. Westerwelle, Clinton, Cameron, Sarkozy, Hollande, Kerry and so many other losers would cast a guiding light along Tillerson’s path and that he would follow that light to his own salvation.  But, not so, for Mr. Tillerson, the awkward-looking Texan who once led Exxon-Mobil and the American Boy Scouts Association only to finally hang up his stirrups and gun belt at Foggy Botton in an administration so infused with braggadocio and mental squalor it reminds one of a television show cobbled from “All in the Family” and “American Ninja”.

Yes, folks, Ol’ Rex spat out the magic words 2 days ago.  He uttered the curse in broad daylight.  “Assad has no future in Syria”.  Oh! My gosh.  I can see it coming now.  “The Assad family will no longer rule Syria”.  And this coming from a Secretary of State who represents a country still smarting from allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 elections.  Isn’t that a hoot?

Tillerson’s comments have come at an uncritical juncture.  You see, the talks in Astana are going to start up soon for the 7th time with the parties there now so disproportionately endowed that one would have thought the Syrian delegation would have excused itself by claiming reservations at the Bolshoi Ballet.  The opposition is on record demanding the unification of the 3 major terrorist groups into “one army” to fight on and destroy more of Syria.  They are hell-bent on negotiating the resignation of Dr.Assad even though he has already won the war.

How they will accomplish anything on the battlefield is puzzling. Over 2,000 terrorists from the East Ghouta have just negotiated an end to their war after notables and citizens pushed them out of major positions.  These terrorists who were once stationed in 5 major Qalamoon towns, are now joining the Syrian Army as a militia devoted to keeping Dr. Assad in power.  So much for the “Opposition”.

This Tillerson gaffe has also come on the heels of a new organization in the Arabian Peninsula dedicated to an alliance to fight terrorism.  I’m sure you have all heard about the Saudi-UAE-USA task force to snuff out terrorist finances which had me in stitches when I first heard about it.  It appears the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, one Muhammad bin Salman, has retooled his country to battle terrorism in all its forms and has vowed to bring Islam back to a “moderate” track.  That, too, had me retching on the floor laughing.

Well, there appears to be a major change in Saudia’s foreign policy.  MBS (as he is unlovingly called by Americans) has informed Muhammad ‘Alloosh, the Big Cheese of Jaysh Al-Islam, that he can no longer count on Saudi largesse for his troops.  What did the terrorists in the East Ghouta do?  They started to horde all humanitarian foodstuffs and medicine essentially starving the citizens there who, in turn, informed the U.N. of their plight.

So, what does the U.N. do to broadcast the humanitarian situation in the Ghouta?  That’s correct, folks:  Blame Assad.  And that is exactly what the head of the U.N.’s High Commission for Human Rights did 3 days ago.  This Jordanian thief and child molester, Zayd Ra’ad Al-Hussayn, had the audacity to openly ignore the malignant presence of Saudi-supported devil-worshipers amidst the local population of the Ghouta.  Why, he almost plastered a photo of a starving child on his tee shirt to advertise the lies he was promoting.  There is no such starvation in the East Ghouta, by the way.  The people have managed to survive despite the extortion practiced routinely by ‘Alloosh’s Jaysh Al-Islam.  The starving child picture appears to have been made at MI6 HQ in London.

Now we can read about how the Zionist Apartheid State has treated injured Syrians, almost all of whom are terrorists.  And, with the upsurge in propaganda about starvation and “Assad’s cruelty”, we are in for another campaign of vilification by the Zionist-controlled media in the West.  All we can do is fight back.


DAYR EL-ZOR:    This is our last battlefield in Syria until we turn our guns on Idlib.  On Wednesday, the Syrian Army liberated the entire Al-Sinaa’ah quarter and totally surrounded Sakr Island where our beloved Maj. Gen. Sharaf ‘Issaam Zahreddeen was killed.  More and more terrorist leaders in ISIS are leaving for better pastures.  Some, who are caught by the Central Asian terrorists, are executed on sight.  The terrorist infrastructure has been irrevocably destroyed in DZ.

Nota Bene:  The Mannagh Airbase has just been retaken by the Russian military after the terrorists abandoned it.



Brandon has returned from his trip to Syria and is providing us with a storm of literature on the war:






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