DAYR EL-ZOR:  The Syrian Army has followed up its liberation of Al-Sinaa’ah Quarter with today’s liberation of both Al-‘Urfi and Al-‘Ummaaliyya Quarters.  There is very little left of ISIS in DZ and I only wish that Maj. Gen. Zahreddeen had lived long enough to see his Rabelaisian efforts bear fruit.  It is clear now from intercepted ISIS communications that the organization is on its last breath.

Of note is the fact that the Syrian Foreign Ministry has declared Al-Raqqa to be still “occupied”.  According to a communique issued by the Ministry, the United States is spewing lies about the situation in Al-Raqqa in that ISIS has not been cleared out.  The Ministry also mentioned the killing of whole families in the city by the so-called “coalition” forces.

All over Syria today are stories of kidnapped citizens being safely returned to their families after rescue from ISIS and Al-Nusra.  In Al-Qaryatayn alone, 28 citizens were rescued and repatriated after ISIS took women and children as “human shields” from the formerly occupied town.

With Qatar now feeling free to assail former allies like Saudi Arabia, the news world is abuzz with talk about “fake news” and American complicity in war crimes.  Obama should feel the greatest trepidation since he was the promoter of the policy to destroy Syria’s people and to effectuate “regime change”.

Now we are left with one more town – Al-Bu-Kamaal.  We predict its total liberation within the next 14 days.  That will mark the end of ISIS in Syria. Then, we will turn the guns on Idlib where I have been promised ‘Abdullah Al-Muhaysini’s well-done right thigh.

Make this one viral. Qatar confesses to supporting terrorism in Syria and implicates all the usual suspects:

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