IDLIB: The Russians announced it and it’s true.  The man who was born, Usaamaa Al-‘Absi Al-Waahidi, near Dayr El-Zor, and who became known to the world as Alqaeda’s franchisee in Syria, Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani, is now on life support being treated by Zionist witch doctors flown in by helicopter from northern Occupied Palestine.  According to the Russians, Al-Jawlaani, lost an entire arm by virtue of the ghastly surgical procedures used on him thanks to a medical student who had joined Alqaeda 2 years ago.  According to our sources in Syria, shrapnel was lodged inside a critical artery in his left arm and the decision was made that he had to have it amputated.  As it turns out, his entire body was riddled with shrapnel.

Unwilling to see a Zionist agent like Al-Jawlaani bite the dust this way, Zionist PM, Benjamin Mileikowski, ordered Zionist hacks to the rescue flying them by helicopter all the way to Idlib to treat the suffering scumbag.  They also brought with them, reportedly, some heavy-duty medical equipment designed to prolong his life.  The decision not to bring the scoundrel to Palestine was indicated by a fear that his presence would be revealed with much embarrassment to the Zionist regime.  In any case, his situation is evidently quite grave.  Monitored chatter also hints at a looming death since the terrorists are now discussing a successor franchisee.  Mr. Al-Jawlaani will not be able to participate in the nomination process due to a coma.

The Russian strike was devastating.  Al-Jawlaani had called for a meeting of his top aides who brought with them a full complement of bodyguards.  The bomb which struck the building was a bunker-buster type which vaporized everyone within a 200 yard radius.  Russian estimates put the number of dead rodents at over 60 with 7 high-level commanders included!  As of right now, chaos is dominating the Idlib area as terrorists begin to wonder who’s next on the menu?

Make this article go viral. Great discussion of neo-con Jewish influence in America. Sent to me by Sharmine:

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