IDLIB:  As we told you in our last post, Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani is in critical condition being kept alive by Zionist shamans using advanced medical equipment flown in from northern Occupied Palestine by helicopter.   The flights were tracked by Russian ships but were sufficiently outside Syria’s internationally recognized coastal barriers such that no action could be taken.  According to my source in Latakia, the fate of this decrepit monster is of great concern to the Syrian High Command in that his injuries and eventual death will have a great impact on the terrorist morale especially now that Turkey appears to be leaning in favor of the proper cause.

This is why, the terrorist web sites and their supporters are claiming Al-Jawlaani is alive and well.  This is precisely the kind of propaganda used by the Taliban to cover up the death of their own Mullah ‘Umar.  It’s the same tactic used by ISIS to conceal the death of the Caliph of Cockadoodledoo.  All of this leads right back to Tel Aviv where the puppet-masters are concocting the lies designed to buoy up collapsing morale in the ranks of their terrorist allies.

One of the big pieces the Zionists will not be able to cover up is the constant chatter on cellphones used by the rodents to describe the situation with Al-Jawlaani.  If he is so well, why do they continue to discuss a successor?


DAY EL-ZOR:  It’s official.  The army is inside Al-Mayaadeen City protected by the Russian Air Force.  The army entered the city right past the Automated Bakery yesterday and began to push into the western side.  The rats, not geared up for such a swift advance, began to leave their positions in the direction of Al-‘Ashshaara, a town between Al-Mayaadeen and Al-Bu-Kamaal.  The army has confirmed the killing of an entire platoon of “suicide bombers” undergoing their last rituals before they were supposed to drive trucks into the armor of the Syrian Army.  3 booby-trapped vehicles were also spotted and destroyed as sappers began the process of dismantling mines, IEDs and booby traps.

The toll so far in Al-Mayaadeen is 80+ rodents killed, 9 of whom were from the northern Caucasus, 18 pickups with 23mm cannons and 3 warehouses for weapons and ammo.  The Russian Defense Ministry gleefully identified 3 Chechen field commanders who were killed as:  Abu ‘Umar Al-Shishaani, Abu ‘Alaa` Al-Deen Al-Shishaani and Salaah Al-Deen Al-Shishaani.

The army has also entered the village of Hatla and is involved now in hand-to-hand combat with spooked terrorists, some of whom are surrendering without a fight in the belief that maybe God is not going to open the doors of Paradise for them.

At Al-Bu-Kamaal, right on the border with Iraq, the Russian Air Force conducted multiple sorties killing 40 Tajik and Iraqi ISIS terrorists, destroying a c&c center and 7 pickups with 23mm cannons.

South Dayr El-Zor City.  We can confirm that 67 rodents were killed by a combination of artillery and infantry around the area of the Al-Siyaasiyya Bridge.  These mostly Egyptian and Tunisian vultures were charged with the defense of several ISIS strong-points.  Also going up in flames were 12 pickups with 23mm cannons.

It appears that with so much territory being lost by ISIS in addition to attrition within its ranks and the movement of terrorists to Africa and Afghanistan that the fight is almost over for ISIS.  Alqaeda is a different matter in Idlib where the Turks can be expected to both delight and depress the Russians and Syrians.  Let’s see how Al-Jawlaani does over the next few days.



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