DAYR EL-ZOR:  The Russian war monitoring units at Humayhmeem Airbase in Latakia have confirmed the killing of 2,359 ISIS vultures with over 2,700 wounded during the last 10 days of battle around Dayr El-Zor.  Of the 2,359, over 400 hailed from Islamic areas of the Russian Federation.  The Russian Air Force played a pivotal role in the accumulation of these positive statistics flying bombing runs and assisting SAAF aircraft to stun, freeze and kill the diseased Wahhabist derelicts infesting the area.  Along with the confirmed dead and wounded, the Syrian Army destroyed a total of 17 booby-trapped vehicles, 149 4-wheel drive trucks armed with 23mm cannons, 67 fortifications, 27 tanks and 21 missile launchers.

We can confirm the total cleansing of the Al-Mayaadeen – Palmyra highway after the SAA foiled an attack by ISIS on several military outposts in the area of Al-Thardaat.  A counter-offensive was then started as the remnant rodents began to break ranks and escape.  In the process of pursuing the fleeing vermin, the SAA destroyed 3 booby-trapped cars and confiscated an armored car.  As of today, there are over 1,500 trapped ISIS devil-worshipers who came in from Iraq to ostensibly give support to their vanquished comrades only to find themselves in a truly uncomfortable vise.

The entire Dayr El-Zor – Palmyra Highway is open to trucks and the general public after ISIS attacked and threatened the towns of Al-Shoola and Kabaajib for a short time.  The attack was blown out of proportion by the usual cabal of quacks in the Western Media.

If you are still wondering if the SAA crossed to the eastern bank of the Euphrates, be advised the government troops are situated solidly at the Al-Muree’iyya-Al-Bu-‘Umar Axis with artillery and missile launchers at the ready.

A report came to me about an ISIS “mufti” by the name of Saalih Al-Saalih who escaped with his family from Al-Mayadeen yesterday under cover of night.  His operational name was “Abu Sayf Al-‘Iraaqi” who absconded with his wife and children before the SAA arrived.



Al-Qaryatayn:  This town famous for its history of religious tolerance, is once again back in the claws of the ISIS rodents because the SAA left insufficient troops to defend it.  Now, the SAA and allies have returned and have surrounded the town with all areas under light and medium artillery control.  I am told the rodents cannot hold out very long here.



Jane’s Military Review provided on its website that the Russian military has deployed the S-400 anti-aircraft missile defense system alongside the SAA’s Pantsir-S.  This area was once protected by the SAA’s S-200.  That was a thing of the past.

ISIS got hit again at Al-‘Aksh, Abu Hanaayaa, Southeast ‘Uqayrabaat and Rasm Al-‘Abed.  The SAA confirmed destruction of several weapons warehouses and an armored vehicle.  It is estimated that ISIS lost 8 rodents to the SAA.

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