The sudden and massive assault on Syrian Army positions separating Barza from Al-Qaaboon was meant to send a message to anyone participating in the مقتل مالايقل عن 115 مسلحاَ.. والميليشيات تنسحب إلى عمق جوبرGeneva V talks:  You can accomplish nothing without credibility on the ground.   A second purpose for this unusually catastrophic plot was to relieve besieged terrorist vultures inside Al-Qaaboon who were monitored bewailing their lack of food, medicine and arms just as the Syrian Army was perfecting its circumambulation around the suburb.  The goons who were responsible for this unbelievably idiotic attack were, you guessed it, the Saudis operating inside Jordan in “operations rooms” inhabited by terrorist enablers from the United States, Zionist Ghetto State, Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait and a few from NATO countries.  Monzer waited 3 days to report to me that the U.S. terrorists in Jordan advised against the March 19, 2017 assault on the SAA.  The Americans felt that too much material losses would diminish the effectiveness of Nusra/Alqaeda as a fighting force.  It was better to leave well enough alone and survive the onslaught now taking place courtesy of the Syrian Army.  But, the Saudis were anxious to show their Zionist allies that they, too, could engineer a victory despite their constant buffoonery in Yemen.

The attack of March 19, 2017 was undertaken by Hay`at Tahreer Al-Shaam (Alqaeda), Faylaq Al-Rahmaan, Ahraar Al-Shaam, and, yes, Jaysh Al-Islam.  The Saudis are paying beaucoup bucks to keep that out of the press.  You see, the Saudis are hedging their bets.  They know that the Jaysh Al-Islam terrorist gang is  involved in the Geneva talks even though their willingness to attend all ceremonies is questionable.   They want to have a hand in everything, the battlefield and diplomacy.  That is about to end.

As I write, the SAA’s vaunted Engineering Corps are combing all areas entered by the terrorist vultures and dismantling hundreds of landmines and IEDs plated there to impede the advance of the army and its allies.  As I write, also, the SAAF is flying never-ending sorties over Jawbar in preparation for the final assault which will presumably end their reign of terror.  The Saudis are now very concerned about that, and it is here that I must disclose that SAA-MI people are predicting the possibility of Saudi Arabia testing Syria’s air defense system in order to protect the little the Saudis have left in Damascus.

The Army has restored total control over the Thread and Textile Mill and the Sadcop Factory.  In the latter case, the SAA struck pay dirt when a rocket landed directly on a grouping of weasels killing all ten.


Al-Qaaboon terrorists have reached a level of desperation heretofore unseen in the chronicles of this war.  The vituperations traded by the various savages are worthy of mention.  Leaders in Faylaq Al-Rahmaan have begun the usual eulogies and ostracisms typical of defeated blowhards.  Accusing Nusra/Alqaeda of betrayal, they terrorists were heard going so far as to question the competence of the “foreigners” running the operation.  But Alqaeda fired back accusing Faylaq Al-Rahmaan of putting forth a “half-hearted effort” without the “necessary resolve”.


Maj. Gen. ‘Ali Mayhoob announcing the High Command’s complete destruction of the terrorist assault of March 19, 2017 yesterday.


Irbeen:  The SAAF is hitting rodents hard here, once again, in preparation for the final assault.



بإسناد جوي.. مجموعات الاقتحام في الجيش السوري تسحق ارهابيو


Jawbar:  The Syrian Air Force struck the chief Command-Control HQ of Faylaq Al-Rahmaan yesterday killing every single rodent inside, including 4 Saudi Arabian vermin officers whose names have not been released.

As we are posting this report to our readers, Monzer has informed the army is both chasing remnant rodents who are fleeing the scene and collecting the rotting carcasses of the hundreds of hyenas dotting the landscape.



 الجيش يوسع عملياته العسكرية ويسيطر على قرية كوكب بريف حماه الشمالي

Big talk in the media about the Nusra/Alqaeda attack aiming to enter Hama City.  There was also some talk about the terrorists finishing off the Christian towns of Maharda and Suqaylabiyya.  Nonsense.  The attack was a complete failure.  In fact, the SAA mounted a ferocious counter-attack once sizeable reinforcements arrived from the southwest resulting in the recapture of Kawkaba Village in the northern countryside.  This was an operation led by the SAA with the help of the allies in HZB and PDC.  As a result, Nusra sustained the loss of a mobile C&C HQ loaded with the best equipment Turkey could provide, not to mention the destruction of 4 tanks, 6 armored cars and 9 pickups with 23mm cannons.


Qamhaana:  Yesterday, SAA, HZB and PDC battered a grouping of rodents trying to enter this village.  They tried to enter by using the same old strategy of 2 suicide drivers in 2 trucks loaded with military grade TNT and C-4.  The idea is to have the first truck break the outer lines of defense while the second hurtles through the destroyed defenses to wreak as much destruction as possible.  It flopped.  The trucks were destroyed before they could reach their goals, the drivers rendered into puffs of hot molecules and gravitating toward the infernal regions where their father is waiting.



DAYR HAAFIR:  Liberated as of yesterday.  ISIS is beating a path back to Al-Raqqa.   The town was surrounded for several days until the rodents abandoned it knowing the army was about to press its advantage in sudden and violent terms.



Scorching indictment of the “White Helmets” by a Swedish medical doctor.  From Patrick Henningsen.  Make this one viral:

More from Patrick.  This time he exhibits the Almassian documentary and discusses Robert Ford’s criminal mindset:

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