It has been confirmed. The Syrian Army has entered an abandoned Palmyra (Tadmur) as of this morning, 1:00 a.m., EST. The city’s numerous rodents saw the writing on the walls they besmirched and decided to jam their stinking rodent children and slut wives into vans and flatbeds to escape the wrath of the Syrian people who were champing at the bit to rip out their eyes. As they darted away in an anarchic scene reminiscent of movies by D.W. Griffith, the Syrian Air Force laid waste to their escape routes, closing off roadways and traditional caravan pathways, destroying their vehicles in vortices of fire and molten steel, their screaming Sex-Jihad consorts clawing their faces in horror as their children whelped inside the coruscating tombs in which they were enveloped.

The army has now rid the city of most IEDs and mines planted there to slow down the advance into the city. I had received information about this in the morning, but, due to fears about the accuracy of some reports and my own busy schedule, I waited until confirmation arrived from Monzer, in Damascus. It has arrived. The army walked into a ghost town, the inhabitants having been evacuated when the Syrian Army left the city under intense pressure from the Wahhabist terrorist criminals.

The terrorists are heading to the northeast, probably to the town of Al-Sukhna and, then, to Al-Raqqa, where they will make their stand. The Syrian Army has confirmed that the next target is Al-Raqqa. No American or Kurd will be permitted to liberate it. Only the SAA and its allies are bestowed an honor such as this. The march to Al-Raqqa will begin in earnest as soon as the city is properly prepared for defense. Congratulations to the Syrian on this immense victory.



More on the Sarab II generation anti-rocket system developed by Syrian military research scientists:

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