HOMS: The Russian Air Force flew 90 missions last week in support of the Syrian Army’s move to liberate Palmyra from the stench of Wahhabism. It is well known that President Putin is obsessed with preserving the antiquities at this laureled ancient city where the Romans built their monuments on the border of the Mesopotamia they could not conquer. The SAA has moved into the Bayaaraat area after having liberated 805 square kilometers of territory in Homs Province. Since February 7, 2017, the SAA and its allies have cleansed 20 square kms of land. The SAA has reportedly destroyed a total of 180 fixed terrorist positions, 60 of them heavily fortified. The SAA has also destroyed 15 weapons depots held by ISIS, 43 armored cars and scores of pickup trucks armed with 23mm cannons. It is estimated that the SAA and the RuAF killed over 200 rodents with many more wounded and needing veterinary care.

The Syrian Army is now 20kms from Palmyra where the ISIS cockroaches are preparing to threaten destruction to the ancient city in order to negotiate a way out of the mess in which they find themselves.



The battle in the cemeteries area of the city was such a disaster for the ISIS terrorists that an order came from Al-Raqqa to execute the commander in those battles. The number of ISIS terrorists killed is quite high, over 500 with many of them being elite members of the “Inghimaasiyyeen” Forces.

Dayr El-Zor City: At the Ghassaan ‘Abbood Roundabout, the SAA’s artillery units struck pay dirt when several rockets blasted an ISIS warehouse creating a firestorm that incinerated an entire terrorist unit. A pickup with 23mm cannon was also hit. Inside the area of the warehouse, no survivor was found by the scrambling rodents. This information was gleaned from terrorist communications.



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SAA fighters at the outskirts of Al-Baab. (Thanks, Latif)


GENEVA: Two “prominent” schools of opposition will lead the negotiations with the government at Geneva under the pinched nose of Stefan DeMistura, the U.N.’s Special Envoy. We have learned that there is a “Russian Platform” group and a “Cairo Platform” group. The first is led by the unctuous traitor, Qadri Jameel. The second is led by the former Foreign Ministry ingrate, Jihaad Maqdisi. Both these turkeys are doomed to live out their lives in a chicken coop. Along with the rodent, Qadri, we are expecting another Moscow Mule, ‘Alaa` ‘Arafaat to join the festivities.

Faylaq Al-Rahmaan has been invited and will attend. Liwaa` Al-Sultaan Muraad, a possible reference to any one of 6 Ottoman leaders, the last being a deposed imbecile, Muraad V. The name of the group, once again, indicates an origin in the MIT of Turkey.

The chief negotiator for the group of vultures is Nasr Al-Hareeri, a Der’ah born 40 year-old internist, who succeeds former Brig.Gen. As’ad Al-Zu’bi, another Der’ah denizen who defected from the opposition.

Notable for their absences are Jaysh Al-Islam headed by Muhamamad ‘Alloosh, Saudi stooge and child molester. In his stead, Muhammad Sabraa, has been appointed to lead another delegation. Ahraar Al-Shaam, too, has not been invited.

Ignorant hag and CIA agent, Basma Qudhmaani, who wrote a flagrantly idiotic editorial for the NYT, “Sometimes it Takes a Minority” about how Alawis should join her imaginary revolution, will attend in order to please the disgruntled terrorist supporters at the CIA. She is joined by notorious clown, Fu`aad ‘Ulayku.

Another 20, so-called legal, military and political experts will join the terrorists at Geneva. It’s going to be a ball.



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Eleonora Ilieva sends us this beautiful photo of citizens strolling the Sabeel Park area yesterday in Aleppo.



Patrick Henningsen sends this one about real Aleppans in the eastern part being prevented from leaving by Obama’s heroes:

From Latif Mohammed, terrorists rushing to escape SAA and HZB onslaught in Aleppo:

Waf Halabi sends this tirade against American hypocrisy calling Saudi Arabia the world’s biggest exporter of terrorism:

21st Century Wire crushes Amnesty International, the group of weasels who coordinate their propaganda with George Soros and the CIA:

Pat will be interviewing a critic of the MSM as part of 21st Century Wire’s continuing probe of the lies and propaganda. Write this down in your calendars:

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