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Hayyaan Gas Field: The SAAF swooped down on a grouping of ISIS rats here east of Palmyra killing and wounding scores of them.



The action was in the farthest reaches of eastern Damascus Province at Tal Dakwa where the SAAF, once again, flew multiple sorties over a grouping of ISIS savages destroying or disabling 11 pickup trucks with 23mm cannons and 2 transport trucks. No aerial assessment of casualties could be made under the circumstances.

President Assad has extended the Amnesty Law until June 30, 2017. The program has been extremely successful and there was much enthusiasm about giving the traitors and cowards some extra amount of time to turn in their weapons and return to a normal life.



The constant influx of terrorists into Idlib Province has had some effect on the criminal organizations there. With open warfare about to explode between the various and numerous groups over territory or lucre, some of them have begun to coalesce around larger flocks of vultures. The names of these groups can sometimes make you laugh as I will show you shortly.

First of all, it is evident from their declarations that any terrorist group which attended the Astana Conference is labeled “blasphemous”. (Yawn) Here are the gangs which have established the new “Committee for the Liberation of Syria” or (Hay`at Tahreer Al-Shaam):

1. Jabhat Al-Nusra (Alqaeda)

2. Harakat Nooreddeen Al-Zangi

3. Liwaa` Al-Haqq (Brigade of Truth)

4. Jabhat Ansaar Al-Deen (The Front of Supporters of Religion)

5. Jaysh Al-Sunna (The Army of Sunnism)

Here are the groups which form Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam:

1. Liwaa` Al-Khattaab (Brigade of Khattaab. The name could be reference to the Second Rightly Guided Caliph, ‘Umar Ibn Al-Khattaab or a town in Homs called “Khattaab”. The Caliph has the epithet “Al-Faarooq, i.e. he who distinguishes truth from falsehood.)

2. Liwaa` Al-Furqaan (Battalion of the Qur’aan/Koran)

3. Liwaa` Jund Al-Sunna (Battalion of the soldiers of Sunnism)

4. Jaysh Al-Eemaan (Army of Faith)

5. Ahraar Al-Jabal Al-Wustaani (Free Men of the Middle Mountain Range?)

6. LIwaa` Al-Mujaahideen Al-Ansaar (Brigade of the Supporters, a reference to early Muslims helping the Messenger, Muhammad. It does not refer to an athletic supporter.)

7. Liwaa` Al-‘Abbaas (A frequent theme in many terrorist names is the dynasty called the Abbassids who ruled after the Umayyads. This particular Caliph was Abu Al-‘Abbaas ‘Abdullah bin Muhammad and also known as “The Butcher of Bani Umayya” (Al-Saffaah) because he set out to exterminate the previous dynasty which ruled from Damascus. An alternative interpretation would have to do with Muhammad’s uncle, ‘Abbaas.

8. Liwaa` Al-‘Aadiyaat (There is a short chapter in the Qur`aan called the ‘Aadiyaat, or steeds, Sura 100.)

9. Qitaa’ Al-Saahil (The Coastal Sector. Only in imbecile would appropriate this name)

10. Liwaa` Al-Hudood (The Brigade of the Borders. Another meaningless title.)

11. Al-Jinaah Al-Kurdi (The Kurdish Wing. No, it does not refer to the wings of chickens, although, it might as well.)

12. Liwaa` Umm Al-Faarooq (Who knows where this came from. It could be a reference to the Caliph ‘Umar’s mother or some lady by the name of Umm Al-Faarooq. I was told this group has about 5 members, all of whom are pedophiles.)

Groups which joined the Committee for the Liberation of Syria:

1. Almost all rodents belonging to Liwaa` Al-Tamkeen (Brigade of Enablement)

2. Kataa`ib Al-Sahaabaa (Brigades of the Prophet’s Companions)

3. Sariyyat Al-Aqsaa (The Raiding Party of the Aqsaa Mosque)

4. Kateebat Al-Rasheed (Brigade of the Abbassid Caliph, Haaroon Al-Rasheed. This Caliph is famed for his role in Arabian folktales. He has whipped the irreverent poet Abu Nuwaas on numerous occasions for his blasphemous lines.

5. Kateebat Suqoor Al-‘Izz (Brigade of the Falcons of Glory. I’m going to vomit.)

6. Kateebat Qawaafil Al-Shuhadaa` (Brigade of the Caravan of the Martyrs)

7. ‘Asheerat Al-Bu-Sa’ab – Al-Busha’baan Branch (The Tribe/Clan of Al-Bu-Sa’ab. The style of the name suggests origins in Mesopotamia)

8. Kateebat Usood Al-Rahmaan (The Brigade of the Lions of Allah, the Merciful. Yeah, sure.)

9. Jamaa’at Fursaan Al-Sunna (The Group of Knights of the Sunna)

10. Kateebat Taalibaan (The Brigade of Those Who Seek Knowledge. The Afghan terrorists took the same name)

11. Jamaa’at Aasaad Al-Khilaafa (The Group of the Caliphate’s Lions)

12. Kateebat Fursaan Al-Shaam (Brigade of Syria’s Knights)

13. Kateebat Hudhayfa Ibn Al-Yamaan (This is the name of a close Companion of the Messenger Muhammad who fought in all battles with him)

14. Kateebat Muhamamd Al-‘Asfoora (It means, literally, the Brigade of Muhammad the Little Bird. There might be a person by that name.)

15. Kateebat Riyaah Al-Janna (The Brigade of Heaven’s Winds)

16. Liwaa` Al-Qaadisiyya (The Battalion of the Battle of Qaadisiyya (636 AD). It was a battle that sealed the fate of Sassanian Persia leading to its subjugation and Islamization. The Arab army was led by Sa’ad Ibn Abi Waqqaas.)

17. Mujaahidoow Yaaqid Al-‘Adas (The Warriors of the Town of Yaaqid Al-‘Adas in Aleppo)

18. Mujaahideen Huraytaan

19. Kateebat Mujaahidiy Al-Shamaal (Brigade of the Warriors of the North. It was located once in Hayyaan and ‘Anjaara)

20. Kateebat al-Tawheed wa Al-Jihaad (Brigade of Monotheism and Jihad)

21. Kateebat Al-Muhajiroon (sic) Al-Uzbek (Brigade of Uzbeki Emigres. Mostly Uzbeki nincompoops with a force of about 30)

22. Kateebat Ahfaad Bani Umayya (Brigade of the Umayyad Heirs. Let’s hope their end is as black as the Umayyads’)

23. Kateebat Ansaar Banyaas (Brigade of the City of Banyaas’ Supporters)

24. Kateebat Raayaat Al-Islam (Brigade of the Banners of Islam)

25. Kateebat Al-Shaheed ‘Abdul-Salaam (Some dufus name ‘Abdul-Salaam gave his name to this sorry group of degenerates)

26. Kateebat Mujaahideen Ashiddaa` (Brigade of Warriors – Stouthearted)

27. Kateebat ‘Abdullah Ibn Al-‘Abbaas (A scholarly relative of Muhammad and son of Al-‘Abbaas Ibn ‘Abdul-Muttalib, Muhammad’s uncle)

28. Kateebat Al-Miqdaad Ibn ‘Amr (Brigade of the Islamic warrior, Al-Miqdaad Ibn Al-Aswad, a/k/a Al-Miqdaad Ibn ‘Amr. He “unadopted” himself after the Qur’aan abrogated the tradition of adoption)

29. Kateebat Al-Shilka (You got it. Brigade of the Shilka Anti-Aircraft Cannon)

30. Kateebat Aasaad Al-Tawheed (Brigade of the Lions of Monotheism)

31. Kateebat Abu Jaasim (Abu Jaasim was, apparently, an ice cream salesman who dallied with kinky objects from Europe)

32. Tajammu’ Ahfaad ‘Ali (The Association/Grouping of ‘Ali’s Descendants. An attempt to get Shi’I support.)

33. Tajammu’ Al-Hussayn (The Association/Grouping of Al-Hussayn. Another attempt to get Shi’I support)

34. Kateebat Al-Shaheed (bi-Idhnillaah) Firaas Abu Ayman (Brigade of the martyr (by the will of God) Firaas Abu Ayman?)

35. Kateebat Al-Shaheed (bi-Idhnillaah) Muhammad Yaaseen Najjaar

36. Kateebat Shuhadaa1 Al-Wustaani (Brigade of the Martyrs of the Middle. That’s what it means, folks)

37. Liwaa` Ahraar Al-Jabal Al-Wustaani (Battalion of the Free Men of the Middle Mountain Range)

38. Sariyyat Al-Hamza (Al-Hamza’s detachment)

39. Sariyyat Usaamaa Ibn Zayd (the son of the adopted son of Muhammad. Much beloved) which is linked to the Military Bureau of Qitaa` Al-Saahil (The Coastal Sector)

40. Kateebat Ahraar Hayyaan (You can tell from the place names that this gang came from Aleppo on green buses)

41. Kateebat Usood Al-Jabal (Brigade of the Lions of the Mountain)

Groups which joined Ahraar Al-Shaam:

1. Alwiyat Suqoor Al-Shaam (Battalions of the Falcons of Syria)

2. Jaysh Al-Mujaahideen (Army of the Warriors. Clever?)

3. Jaysh Al-Islam – Northern Branch

4. Tajammu’ Fastaqim Kamaa Umirt (Association of `Be right as you have been ordered to be’)

5. Kataa`ib Thuwwaar Al-Shaam (Brigades of the Revolutionaries of Syria)

6. Kataa’ib Mujaahidiy Ibn Taymiyya (Brigades of the Warriors of Ibn Taymiyya. This theologian was a nobody in his time. He has become the godfather of beheading, burning and all other kinds of Wahhabist outrages.)

7. Liwaa` Al-Miqdaad Ibn ‘Amr (See above)

8. Al-Jabhat Al-Shaamiyya (The Syrian Front)

9. Liwaa` ‘Umar (You know, Umar. The kid with the tattoo on his forehead.)

10. Liwaa` Al-Beetaar (A beetaar is a sword used to slice up Mortadella)

11. Liwaa` Ahraar Al-Janoob (Battalion of the Free Men of the South. Many green buses were used.)

12. Kateebat Shuhadaa` Al-Jabal (The Brigade of the Martyrs of the Mountain)

13. Kateebat Usood Al-Sunna (Brigade of the Lions of Sunnism)

14. Kateebat Bayaariq Al-Jabal (Brigade of the Banners of the Mountain)

15. Kateebat Al-Naasser Salaahuddeen (Brigade of the Victor Saladdin)

16. Kateebat Al-Mu’tassim Billaah (Another Abbassid Caliph and of the legendary Haaroon Al-Rasheed)

17. Kateebat Al-Walaa` wa Al-Baraa` (Brigade of Allegiance and Innocence. Why, you’d think they were a band of angels)

18. Kataa`ib Al-Faarooq (See above)



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