بنود الاتفاق بين وفد المصالحة والمجموعات المسلحة في وادي بردى

DAMASCUS:  You have all heard that the rodent infestation in the Baradaa Valley has ended triumphantly for the Syrian people.  Engineers are now working night and day to restore power to the pumps which deliver delicious, clean, cold water to the population of Damascus.   It is all over now for the rats who thought they could employ thirst in order to extort concessions from the government.  The rats were grasping at straws.  There would be concessions.  The army was ordered to eradicate the rats fully and finally.

On Friday night, the SAA had just completed the process of softening up terrorist positions and had entered the northern shoulder of the town.  All terrorist fortifications were destroyed leaving no barrier to the tank force assembling under the leadership of the 4th Mechanized Armored Division led by Maj. Gen. Maaher Al-Assad.  The rodents knew they would see no mercy.  Notables tried again and again to convince the simian trash to either surrender their positions to the SAA or face ineluctable death.  The rats could be heard arguing over what to do.  As a result, an agreement was reached by members of the Ahraar Al-Shaam gang of criminals who had defected to Nusra/Alqaeda and the Jihadist cannibals of the latter group.  1200 rodents decided to accept an offer of amnesty and join the PDC to fight all foreign supported savages in the Damascus area.  The agreement finally concluded between the parties consisted of these clauses:

1.  A cease fire will be observed in all areas of the Baradaa Valley with the SAA reserving the right to counter any violations with military might;

2.  The SAA would not be impeded in its entry into the ‘Ayn Al-Feeja to raise the flag of the republic over all buildings;

3.  Equipment and engineers would enter the ‘Ayn Al-Feeja pumping station after all IEDs and mines were dismantled;

4.  Amnesty would be granted to the 1200+ rodents who agreed to sign a covenant not to fight the government again and to join forces with the Popular Defense Committees in the war against terrorism.  Those who opted out of the agreement would be bused to Idlib where they could feed off one another;

5.  The area would be declared “safe and secure” and all terrorist groups would ensure that such a new classification would be upheld by all;

6.  The rodents would provide the army with charts disclosing the location of all IEDs and mines;


The mayor of Rural Damascus Province confirmed this agreement in his declaration.  Water is expected to start running normally by Monday, January 30, 2017.


The High Command of the Syrian Armed Forces confirmed the liberation of all these areas in the Baradaa River Valley:  Baseema, ‘Ayn Al-Khadhraa, Dayr Muqrin, ‘Ayn Al-Feeja, Dayr Qaanoon, Kafeer Al-Zayt, Al-Husayniyya, Kafr Al-‘Awaameed, Birhilyaa, Afra and Sooq Waadi Baradaa.  In all, 400 square kms were liberated from the stench and plague of British-and-Zionist-aided terrorism.



AL-KATEEBAT AL-THAALITHA AL-MAHJOORA:   It is called the “Third Abandoned Brigade”.  It is located north of the ‘Ulab Al-Tiyaas Hills near Palmyra.  I read a report today which indicated a large loss of rodent life among the ISIS excrement.

Also, heavy fighting reported as SAA and PDC pursued a grouping of ISIS cockroaches at the juncture of Homs and Damascus Provinces in the desert and, also, at the axis of Al-Naasiriyya-Al-Qaryatayn.



DAYR EL-ZOR:  The SAA and SAAF conducted joint operations over this area yesterday and today with ISIS losing rats and materiel necessitating resupply from northern Iraq.  SAAF is now flying drones to properly track the movement of trucks laden with Iraqi army weapons from Mosul – a task one would think would be a priority for the IA.

30+ ISIS rodents were killed in fighting over Al-Huwayqa, Huwayjat Sakr, ‘Ayyaash Warehouses, Al-Rushdiyya Quarter, Panorama, Al-Tharda Mountain, Airbase.  8 pickup trucks with 23mm cannons were reportedly counted among the destroyed vehicles belonging to ISIS.  Also, at Al-Kannamaat, the SAAF annihilated several warehouses loaded with weapons and ammo.  This took place also at the targeted areas of Al-‘Urdhi and Al-Muhandisseen Quarter.

At Muraatt Village and at the Conoco field in the desert near Khashshaam Village, the SAAF swooped down on gathering rats and delivered fire and brimstone.





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