NORTHERN IDLIB:  Despite an agreement to facilitate more evacuations from East Aleppo in exchange for a serious lifting of the terrorist siege around the two Shi’i Towns  of Faw’ah and Kafarayyaa, which anticipates the transportation of 4,000 citizens in need of medical treatment, the terrorist atheist devil-worshipers opened fire on a bus leaving Faw’ah destroying it before it could reach those in need.  This is the 5th bus destroyed by the British-supported terrorist savages.   So much for Wahhabism and the British.

Children in Faw’ah gather around a makeshift heat source in the dead of a Syrian winter thanks to Obama and his limey trash friends. (Photo credit: Alalam)


ALEPPO:  Even the Syrian, Russian and Iranian governments are not talking about the fact that over 11 American special forces operatives working for the CIA, and 2 retired British SAS terrorists functioning as “independent contractors” originally injected during war criminal Cameron’s tenure, along with over 30 Turkish military elements, are still stuck in East Aleppo with no credible opportunity to leave.  There was an earlier attempt to sneak them out of the city when they were dressed up as civilians and mingled with earlier groups of evacuees.  That failed when the SAA-MI people checked everyone’s identification and spoke to many of the citizens in Arabic, a language most or all of the American buffoons never mastered.  Now, the evacuation is taking on a more mysterious, nay, critical character:  how to engineer the foreign agents’ withdrawal without handing the Syrian government a public relations triumph.  Another fear is that the agents will be lumped together with the remaining foreign rodents inside East Aleppo where their fate will be sealed as the army is planning a final push in to Sukkari to eradicate every trace of the Chechen, Albanian and Uigher vultures still inside.

The evacuation is proceeding fairly smoothly with hundreds of citizens asking to remain in exchange for amnesty, which, by the way, is being granted quite liberally at present.  Young men of military age are being separated from their families to determine several facts:  Are they draft dodgers, in which case, they are offered a chance to complete military service or face jail;  are they knowledgeable about terrorists inside the city?  Are they wanted criminals?  Once they have passed their test, all are sent to their families without further discomfiture.  This is the reason why the propaganda outlets in the West are carping about young men “disappearing”.

 استكمال خروج المسلحين وعائلاتهم من شرق حلب مقابل الحالات الانسانية في كفريا والفوعة



Yesterday and today, the SAAF took to the skies to strike groupings of ISIS buzzards east of Palmyra and north of the Abu Killa Dam west of Palmyra.  We can confirm the destruction of 2 Fozdeka armored cars, 2 pickups with 23mm cannons and 2 cannons  including an undisclosed number of field casualties.



Umm Walad:  This town in Western Der’ah saw a column of Alqaeda/Nusra terrorists depart in order to attack the Syrian Army at the Tha’ala Airbase in Suwaydaa`.  The rodents were monitored by SAA spotters and rangers all the way on the road during the night.  As they crossed the border into Suwaydaa` Province, the opened rocket fire on the column and killed most of the rodents.  I have no other details.


NEW YORK CITY:  Donald Trump has now guaranteed us the start of the new, and Third Intifaadha in the Occupied Territories.  We are delighted to announce the appointment by Mr. Trump of Zionist trash extraordinary, DAVID FRIEDMAN, an orthodox Jew whose very presence is toxic enough to start the revolt against the Ukrainian, Polish, German, Hungarian snakes who practice their apartheid against the Palestinian people.

Image result for Trump appointment US ambassador to Israel

Many Palestinians are probably tickled pink that the slovenly and naturally compradorist nature of the Palestinian people will be transformed into one raging arc of fire thanks to the appointment of a slime-bag like this Mikva-drinking pederast and gorp who does not view the occupation as an occupation; and wants to move the US embassy to the City of Jerusalem.  I just can’t wait to see him approved by the Republican-controlled American Congress so that we can get on with the business of annihilating Zionism once and for all.



Silvia Iranova sent us this photo via email of General Qassem Solaymaani strolling through the streets of liberated Aleppo.



Maytham Al-Ashkar proves Bana Al-Abed is a fake in this article with Sputnik:


Want to see the SAA destroy ISIS tanks near Palmyra, see this one from Silvia:


Watch Eva Bartlett annihilate this subcontinental and subhuman, Dilly Hussein, on RT:


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