ALEPPO:  Whole blocks of Al-Shaykh Sa’eed District are being liberated as we write.  Tanks, APCs, special forces and our militiamen are pushing deeper into the havens used by the disease-carrying rodents to terrify the population.  Knowing they are about to be exterminated, the rodents fired GRAD rockets into areas controlled by the government in the Western sector trying to kill a many civilians as they can before their inevitable descent into Hell.  There is no cease fire in East Aleppo.  The Syrian government has rejected any effort to save the terrorists’ necks.  No Canadian resolution passed by the bought-and-paid-for General Assembly will deter the army from its task of killing every rodent inside Aleppo.

Rat defense lines are non-existent.  They have been destroyed by the SAA and its allies.  The army is moving toward Al-Shaykh Lutfi to link up with another SAA force, thus, tightening the noose around the throats of the cringing foreign rats.  There is little terrorist reaction.  The fact is the rats are without much ammunition and the West, the Saudi monkeys, the Qatari cockroaches and the inbred Erodoghani Turks cannot resupply them with anything because the entire city is now completely surrounded by the legitimate forces of the Syrian nation.  This is why the Canadians were pressured into proposing their ridiculous motion in the GA.  It makes no difference, in any case,  we are too close to total victory today to stop.


HOMS:  The news is all about Palmyra.  During the last 48 hours, a dense, almost impenetrable fog enveloped the area of Palmyra in eastern Homs Province.  The ISIS rodents used the opportunity to launch a last-ditch offensive against the army in order to reclaim the oil and gas fields in the area which they must have in order to financially support much of their activities.  The loss of these fields was a disaster for a criminal organization dependent upon its confederates in Turkey.

ISIS mustered 3,800 rodents, mostly from Iraq who were themselves desert dwellers.  Three (3) trucks were loaded with sufficient TNT and C-4 to blow holes in the firmament.  All suicide drivers were reportedly foreigners.  Another 11 foreigners were given suicide belts for use once the trucks blew a hole in the SAA’s defensive lines.  The number of vehicles used in the attack numbered in the hundreds most of which were Toyota trucks provided by Saudi Arabia and armored cars brought to Turkey by the British weasels.

I have been told that ISIS was alerted to the meteorological situation by agents of the CIA and MI6 who planned the operation.   ISIS has no technology capable of predicting weather conditions.

As Syrian troops sat behind their fortifications amidst the layers of mist, all they could do was listen to suspicious sounds.  The SAAF was essentially grounded during this natural phenomenon.  It was reported also that ISIS did not disclose its location or plans by using cellphones.  Therefore, it could be said that the operation was planned months before its implementation awaiting the green light from terrorism’s greatest advocate, the rodent in the White House.

In the initial phase of the operation, the 3 trucks were vectored toward SAA positions at Al-Hayyaal Mountain, the Palmyra grain silos, and Al-Kateebat Al-Mahjoora perilously close to the important airbase at Tayfoor.  The trucks got close to the perimeters of the SAA’s positions but were detected by spotters who could hear the tell-tale chugging of unauthorized heavy vehicles.  I was also told that SAA officers anticipated terrorist exploitation of the fog and doubled the number of rangers and spotters around the various strongpoints, thus, at the very least, preparing a response to a phantom army coming out of the desert.

SAA reaction to the attack at multiple locations was ferocious.  All SAA strongpoints are defended by tanks some of which use thermal detection making it easier to spot targets in a fog.  The terrorist snakes were able to initially take over the following positions because the SAA commanders pulled forces back tactically:

Al-Kateebat Al-Mahjoora (close to Tayfoor AB)

Al-Hayyaal Mountain

Palmyra grain silos

Al-Hallaabaat Palace    

‘Antar Mountain north of Palmyra

Araak Village


Al-Mahr Oil Field


All engineers and technical employees were pulled out of the Al-Mahr oil field so they would not be forced into working for ISIS.  As the SAA retreated to more defensible positions, the fog lifted on Friday opening up the skies for the Syrian air force and the RuAF.  They did not disappoint us.  The number of ISIS vehicles destroyed as of this Saturday is 66 with more to come as the ISIS force is now largely exposed.  Another report I received by telephone from a friend whose brother lives in Homs provides that the Russian navy fired cruise missiles at the rodents killing a large number.  (Not confirmed).  As of today, a major counterattack has been launched by the Syrian Army and PDC after reinforcements arrived from Homs.  The terrorists are being ejected from all the positions they occupied at the beginning of this operation.  The ISIS plan is a major flop.  The SAA sustained very minor casualties. Do not believe the Western narrative concocted by the lying British.



Afraa Dagher is interviewed on Sputnik Radio about Aleppo:


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