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After the liberation of Hanaanu Residencies, Ardh Al-Hamraa` and Jabal Badru on Saturday and early Sunday, it was expected that the terrorists’ defensive lines would be under great pressure.  But, what followed was an unprecedented collapse of their defenses inside northeastern Aleppo. The terrorists were not able to hold the well-coordinated offensive that started at the same time from multiple directions in all corners of the already well defined cauldron.

The Tiger Forces and Republican Guards moved first, overnight, placing huge pressure in the direction of the Saakhoor District where it quickly advanced on the Aleppo International Airport Motorway and further north toward the park then they stopped allowing aviable exit for the terrorists to flee south with the clear intention to preserve as much as possible of the city’s infrastructure and buildings.

A few hours later, the Liwaa` Al-Quds and SAA started to advance toward ‘Ayn Al-Tal and Ba’eedeen districts, while the SAA and YPG advanced inside Turaab Hulluk and Bustaan Al- Baashaa.

The combination of multiple advances and effective local Intel by SAA-MI sleeper cells proved decisive. The terrorists who were suffering devastating losses at that moment, panicked and started to flee their positions triggering  a domino effect that would engulf all the northeast of Aleppo in a few hours.

By the end of the day, the SAA and Liwa`a Al-Quds started to advance in the Indhaaraat and Al-Haydariyya neighborhoods from northern side while the Tiger forces and Republican Guards advanced from the eastern side. By night it was evident that any terrorist inside were either dead or had fled and, by early morning, this large urban area of Aleppo was declared liberated and safe by the Syrian Ministry of Defense. 

At the moment, we can confirm the full liberation, in the past 48 hours, of the following districts:


Ardh Al-Hamraa`

Jabal Badru

Turaab Hulluk

Bustaan Al-Baashaa

‘Ayn Al-Tal





Fighting continues in parts of Shaykh Faaris and parts of Shaykh Khudhr. The Water Pump Station was liberated and is being combed for many mines and IEDs.

Map credited to @Miladvisor

There have been reports of a battle in the northern section of Hilwaaniyya District, at Hayy Dawwaaria toward the Hilwaaniyya Roundabout and Al-Baab Road. Should this be confirmed during the day, it proves the Aleppo International Airport Motorway is no longer the new front line.

The terrorists’ situation has turned, in a matter of few days, to a very delicate and fragile one in Aleppo. Early last week, the SAA and Desert Hawks advanced toward Shaykh Lutfi scoring two critical victories at Tallat Al-Shurta (i.e. Police Hill), while partially controlling 20% Maqarr Al-Anbiyaa` District, placing the SAA and allied forces 2 kms from the Citadel, opening up another possibility to create one more smaller pocket from the Aleppo International Airport Motorway down to the northern sector of Maqarr Al-Anbiyaa` that would basically reduce the Aleppo pocket to a much smaller one in the south and southwest of the city; only 25% of the original area occupied by the terrorists 3 months ago.




East Ghouta – the agreement in city of Al-Tal is in place and going smoothly. The remaining terrorists who did not surrender are being transported to Idlib at the moment.


West Ghouta – First batch of terrorists and their families are leaving Khaan Al-Shayk and the 4 nearby villages nearby  starting today. In total,1,450 terrorists, 900 children and 589 women will be transported to Idlib during the next few days with the vast majority of the terrorists heading for Idlib being foreigners. It is worth noting that thousands of terrorists surrendered to the Syrian Government to apply for amnesty – all Syrians.

Once finalized the transportation process at the Khaan Al-Shaykh pocket will liberate over 4-5,000 battle hardened SAA soldiers. Their new liberation task is anyone’s guess, but, it will most certainly be another nightmare for the terrorists and their supporters.


Condolences note:

Would like to share my deepest condolences for the Syrian- born (of Palestinian Parents) Commander Muhammad “The Godfather” Raafi’, a highly decorated leader of the Liwaa` Al-Quds group who helped to liberate the Handaraat Camp. He was martyred yesterday during the Al-Quds advance in Ba’eedeen district. May the Syrian hero rest in peace knowing his dream of a free Aleppo and Palestine and a peaceful and united Syria will be achieved.



Afraa Dagher sends this inspiring video showing University of Damascus students praising the Syrian Army:

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