If you want to know why the rodents are revving up the media blitz in Aleppo, just look at their losses and the Syrian Army’s advance into the Hanaanu Residential Area.  Yesterday,  rodent supporters, the few left, posed for photos holding the French mandate flag in front of them begging for international help.  Needless to say, that help won’t be coming any time soon.  NATO efforts to impose a cease-fire now depend on Russia’s and Syria’s approval which is not expected to come since the last time there was such a cease fire, the rodents used it to strengthen their positions and smuggle weapons into Aleppo. The Russians won’t be fooled again.


‘Umar Hajji, leader of the Harakat Nooreddeen Al-Zangi terrorist organization famous for beheading children,  seen here before his timely and painful death in Al-Shaykh Sa’eed at the hands of the Syrian Army.  This is a group notorious for acts of pure savagery which is being supported by the stinking rodent, Barack Obama and his team of Zionist hyenas.

This rodent leader of Karm Al-Jabal Shuhadaa` Brigade, Al-Haaj ‘Azeez Khaan-Toomaani, was killed by the SAA also in Al-Shaykh Sa’eed as he was preparing to rape a 7 year old boy.   He was killed along with another leader of the same group, Ahmad Beesaan.

This is Abu Haarith Al-Halabi of the Ahraar Al-Shaam terrorist organization who was killed along with 30+ rodents from his group.   We can assure our readers that this degenerate is not smiling anymore, that is unless the bullet lodged in his forehead caught him while he was raping his favorite Saudi catamites.

Al-Baab:  The Syrian Air Force made good on its promise to devastate the Turk military after its illegal incursion into Syria in support of ISIS and in order to blunt the growing power of the Kurdish PYG/PKK.  According to Turk sources, the Syrian aircraft flew low and pounded Turk positions outside Al-Baab city killing 3 soldiers and wounding 10 more.  The wounded were taken back to Turkey for treatment.  The casualties could go up.

Dayr Haafir:  The SAA pummeled ISIS positions again today destroying 4 transport trucks and 1 pickup with 23mm cannon.  No field assessment could be performed, but, my source, Monzer, claims that over 8 carcasses were seen being lifted up and taken to a cemetery.

On November 21, 2016,  the SAAF and SAA artillery joined forces to devastate positions held by ISIS at Istislaah Al-Araadhi and Al-Soos destroying 13 vehicles in the Dayr Haafir area.



 خان الشيح ومحيطها نحو التسوية خلال أسبوع.. وفقا لهذه الشروط

KHAAN AL-SHAYKH:   It’s over.  The Syrian government extracted the concessions it needed to end the siege of this town and free its citizens from the stench of American/Saudi-supported cannibals.  Whereas the rodents were once demanding the right to leave the town in the direction of Jordan, they have now been forced to accept Idlib as their final destination.  And I mean “final”.  The departures will take place from Khaan Al-Shaykh and 4 other areas recently liberated by the SAA:  Zaakiya, Muqayleeba, Al-Tayyiba, Al-Hussayniyya.  The terrorists who have chosen to leave for Idlib will be allowed to take their families, which number around 300 separate families and to take their personal side arms only.  All medium and heavy weapons will be turned over to the SAA.  In addition to this, the rodents agreed to turn over 400+ automatic military rifles to the SAA.

400 individuals have surrendered their weapons and have asked for amnesty.  Only Syrians will be allowed to enter into such an agreement.  All the rest are foreigners who will travel to their deaths in Idlib.   Those who went AWOL in the beginning of the crisis will be compelled to complete their military service in either the army or the militias.  I have heard that the new recruits will be liaised with the new Fifth Army Corps.  In addition to all this, the rodents have just turned over to the SAA all their charts showing the location of mines and IEDs in the area.  Notables from this town are urging the rodents to get out as soon as possible and spare the citizens any more of their noisome stench.

Hawsh Al-Zhawaahira:  This important village is about to be liberated.  The terrorists are trying to obtain approval from their commanders in Doumaa to turn over their positions to the SAA.

Watch carefully for an upcoming maneuver by the SAA to push a wedge between the areas of Harastaa and Doumaa, the JI’s major stronghold.

Harastaa:  A 250 meter-long tunnel was discovered by the SAA and all contents seized.  The tunnel was used by the Jaysh Al-Islam rodents.  No more, however, since the tunnel was blown up by engineers.




Aaliya Farms in Harastaa:  Liberated.  This area figured prominently in many of our reports early on in the crisis.  It is now rat-free.


Al-Rayhaan Farms:  The SAA has confirmed the destruction of 10 c&c centers operated by JI.  The area will be rat free in 24 hours.


Al-Dhumayr Road:  Now cut off.  It was a main conduit for rat supplies.


Mu’aydeen Village:  Rats have retreated in the face of a massive SAA onslaught.  7 farms confirmed clean.


HAMA:  At the Ma’aan Axis in northern Hama Province, the SAA foiled an attack by the soon-to-be-defunct “Tajammu’ Al-‘Izza” group killing between 11 t- 14 rodents.  Among those rats were these leaders:

Abu Al-Saafi Al-Hamawi (Id pending)

Abu Al-Darweesh Al-Hamawi (Id pending)


A truck was destroyed with 2 passengers, also.      


Atshaan Road:  artillery struck an armored car and killed a reported 4 rodents.

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