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On Friday, the SAA and allied forces stormed the districts of Minyaan and Dhaahiyat Al-Assad. The former was subjected to a long 72-hour battle with back-and-forth actions, but yesterday, the Republican Guard and the Desert Hawks fighting forces  broke the terrorists’ defensive lines thus allowing them to quickly advance toward Minyaan Industrial Sector, and in their path, the very important site (gas station) was also brought under their control. 

Concomitantly, the Tiger and Hezbollah forces started an offensive to control Dhaahiyat Al-Assad suburb, after a fierce battle all day on Thursday where early gains had to be traded off with overnight safety. The attack started from the eastern sector closing in from the northeast and southeast. During most of the day, half of the suburb was under the SAA and allied forces control and the tipping point was reached when the terrorists in Minyaan were vanquished and the SAA forces advanced north of Dahiyet al Assad, capturing the important fuel station area. The terrorists realized the peril of their being encircled and took the only way out through the western side of the suburb in the direction of the adjacent forest.


Map credited to @A7_Mirza


Early on Saturday, the Tiger Forces advanced and took control of the important Al-Soora checkpoint located at the M5 Road and thereby siezed control of most of the eastern side of Al-Assad forest.  You can see the area in the map below.



The following shows the two battles on Friday at Dhaahiyat Al- Assad with the terrorists’ initial resistance to the assault and the moment the Tiger Forces stormed the suburb and liberated it.



Since the beginning of the terrorists’ 2nd offensive in western Aleppo, the terrorists’ casualties have skyrocketed. It is estimated that at least 500 terrorists were killed and some 1500 were wounded. Initial reports detailed 5000 terrorists deaths in  the beginning of their offensive.  The numbers above show a 40% casualty rate in 1 month; staggering losses in what is now known as a meat grinder for terrorists. 


Aleppo – 1070 Apartments complex


The Russian Government has sent a Hazmat team to investigate the allegation made by the Syrian Government on terrorists’ attack with chemical and other prohibited weapons. The Russian Hazmat confirmed the event, with the help of ANNA News,  since the TV crew  filmed last week the aftermath of the chemical weapon attack only hours after it occurred. The video will be used as part of the evidence against the terrorists, which are in fact backed by NATO. The Russian team not only confirmed the use of weaponized Chlorine gas but also the terrorist use also of prohibited white phosphorus. The video below clearly shows the investigation’s progress and the amazing moment when the shell released its poisonous gas.

This is a solid case of use of CW by the very “moderate” terrorists supported and armed by NATO countries and Saudi Arabia/Turkey. The evidence is clear. Once the official report is out, there will certainly be a UNSC case against the very countries that backed those terrorists.



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