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The evidence is mounting that the United States is complicit in the rise of ISIS.  I have written before, at length, about how the United States, aided by the Zionist Apartheid Network, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, created the conditions necessary for trained former Saddamist officers to escape Iraq and settle in southeast Turkey where they were tasked with training and leading foreign mercenaries funded by Saudi Arabia.  The original aim of the ISIS group was to project extremist Sunni power into Iraq.  However, as I wrote before, the entire plan went to pieces with the rise of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi, who was programmed in Tel Aviv, but, later went AWOL mentally and created his own agenda.  As he deviated from the original plan and entered Syria, the U.S. and, especially Saudi Arabia, tried to salvage their plans by promoting ISIS carnage even to the extent of supervising the public immolation of a Jordanian pilot who was deliberately shot down by American warplanes because he actually was going to strike the rat-like militants in the northeast of Syria.  British agents who penetrated ISIS were the actors in the sordid drama leading to the brutal killing of Mu’aadh Al-Kasaasiba.  They were the ones who advised their ISIS wards to use drugs in order to eliminate any pain the pilot would feel while being burned alive.

But, as time went on and the U.S. persisted in creating excuses to remain in the Near East, at whatever the cost, ISIS had to find a credible way to fund its hordes of terrorists without direct proof of American and Saudi involvement.  This was accomplished by creating corridors for tanker trucks to deliver crude oil to middlemen in Turkey who paid a handsome sum to receive “bottom-of-the-barrel”-priced oil which Turkey desperately needed.  Even the Erdoghan clan was deeply involved in the smuggling of this oil and paid, evidently, hush-money to the Sultan himself in Ankara.  The tanker trucks transported the oil out of Syria, drove speedily to the Iraqi border and then, under an American umbrella, cautiously moved their bounty across into Turkey.  The U.S. was able in this way to find its own new CONTRA methodology to finance terror.  Oliver North wasn’t involved in this one.  He did not need to be.  His methods were well studied.

Note how the U.S. attacked SAA troops on Jabal Al-Tharda which I reported in my post on September 18, 2016.  “Oh, it was a mistake. Ooops!”  Nobody believes that a U.S. pilot could not see that the forces he was bombing were regular SAA troops.  And nobody believed the absurd canard that the soldiers bombed were prisoners of the SAA who defected – that lie was clearly a Zionist Hollywood howler.

Note how the U.S. is deepening its commitment to cease fires while watching its own terrorist allies being devastated by a combination of SAA-HZB-Palestinian ground forces and the RuAF and SAAF.  The plan hatched by Obama’s criminal advisors is flopping and it looks like Obama will leave office with several eggs on his face, not the least of which is his disastrous involvement in the terrorist world he created as the Nobel Peace Prize winner of 2008.

You can now see why the Zionist infrastructure in D.C. and the Saudi devil-worshipers need Hillary Clinton.  There is a belief she will continue the same failed policies which, if they don’t succeed on their own,  might succeed by sheer obstinacy through a process of attrition.  It’s that or curtains for the Saudi and Qatari regimes.  In the meantime, Russia continues to upgrade its naval port and air bases into permanent ones.  They wouldn’t be doing that if they thought they didn’t have a long stay in Ba’ath-dominated Syria.


DAMASCUS:  Jaysh Al-Islam is dying.  It is dying because many of its pro-Zionist and pro-Saudi leaders have either been killed or have resigned in the aftermath of embarrassing revelations.  It is dying also because of purges, defections, surrenders and death.  Its collaboration with Nusra/Alqaeda has been unsatisfying and the internecine rivalries amongst the multitude of terrorist groups have only proven what the Syrian poet, Adonis, wrote in his immortal: “Al-Muqaddima Li-Mulook Al-Tawaa`if”  (اامقدمة لملوك الطوائف).  Morale is down despite the Saudi efforts to deliver on their promises to pay monthly salaries which are arriving later and later,  just as salaries for foreign workers,  hapless Saudi soldiers and Al-Haadi’s mercenaries in Yemen are dwindling.  The rats know the handwriting is on the wall and it is only a matter of time before the wings of the Syrian Army’s falcon envelops them in the furious Hell they so richly deserve.


That Hell is happening now.  Khaan Al-Shaykh is reeling from sudden SAA and SAAF attacks.  Just today, the Syrian Army broke into the Al-Rasool Al-A’zham Mosque from the direction of Darroosh and the Al-Tahtooh Building.  The SAA is pushing the rodents back as it advances from the north killing scores of rabid rodents.

Dayr Khibya was descended upon by 4 fully armed Hind helicopter gunships which laid waste to a grouping of rodents around a C&C center.


Khaan Al-Shaykh:  The SAA has pushed back Jaysh Al-Islam rodents and is preparing for a full assault on the town.  The road which connects Al-Muqbiliyya, AlZaakiya and Khaan Al-Shaykh has been placed under complete SAA artillery control.


ALEPPO:  At Qubtaan Al-Jabal, the SAAF destroyed 13 Toyota pickup trucks with 23mm cannons belonging to the hapless Jaysh Al-Fath.  And, in preparation for the assault on Al-Shaykh Sa’eed’s environs, the SAAF reportedly destroyed all existing fortifications.  Trucks were seen leaving the areas for safer quarters.


DER’AH:   A herd of pestilential rodents was monitored moving out of Buraaq Village in the northeast area of the province.  It was headed toward the Suwaydaa` line.  Sad to say, the rodents were not very alert and should have noticed a lone car resting on the left side of the roadway.  When they passed in their car, a spotter signaled to the IED triggerman who wore, curiously enough, the uniform of a Syrian Army officer, and who remotely detonated the vehicle.  The car flew up into the air about 70 feet before landing uncomfortably on the other side of the road.  3 rodents were killed and one wounded.  He is now singing arias to the Syrian MI people.



Need we say more?  Thanks,  Khaled.


LATAKIA:   I am expecting more reports about this over the next 24 hours.  In what was a Waterloo for Nusra/Alqaeda and the Hizb Al-Turkestaani, the SAA foiled a huge attack from Turkey at SAA outposts and defensive strongpoints in the area of Kubaani.  It is reported that the number of dead rodents exceeds 100 with scores being hurried back to the Turk border for treatment.


DAYR EL-ZOR:  The SAA repelled a large attack by ISIS along the eastern perimeter of the Air Base killing scores of rodents.  Fighting was also reported at the Panorama.



A Zionist exposes U.S. BS about Aleppo.  From John Esq.


Russian general tells Obama what he needs to hear:  Russia will knock down any American aircraft targeting the SAA: (Thanks, John)





Citizens of the Turaab Hulluk Quarter hoist both the Syrian and Palestinian flags for all to see.


And from Silvia, this declaration of loyalty to the only legitimate leader of Syria.

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