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Hama Province

Amidst the terrorist infighting in Idlib, long due and expected by many, the Tiger Forces and allies kick-started their awaited ground counter offensive in northern Hama. 

For the past 3-4 days the efforts from the SAA High Command were to hit the terrorists’ gathering places and rear guards by a non stop artillery/missile barrage coupled with selected air attacks in preparation for the ground assault.

Last Thursday,  some skirmishes were seen in al Sha’ata village, then, the storm hit the terrorists on late Friday. Protected by the descending night darkness, the Tiger Forces moved in with strength from several axes at the same time and with precise maneuvers managed to liberated 7 villages and many small hills in just a few hours. 

al Jayinah
al Tulaysiyya
al Qaahira
Ra`s al ‘Ayn
Tal Aswad

A few moments ago the following additional villages were liberated:


Kubaybat Abu Al-Hudaa

At the moment, the cities of Kawkab, Kubbariyah and Haaratayn are under attack by the Tiger Forces. The flat terrain and very short distance favors high mobility and quick encirclements, thus, we are seeing constant retreat by the terrorists up to this point. Though the end game for this counter offensive may lay in recovering the lost ground in the past 30 days, there are many that say the build up of forces is adequate to storm southern Idlib. I would not be surprised to see the Tiger Forces and allies heading north in an extended curve to encircle Khaan Shaykhoon, while another force cut through the terrorists toward Al-Lataamina. Counter attacks are always a risk in this area, but, as the Tiger Force and its allies progress, it is happening. We are going to be seeing, in all likelihood, a very fast terrorists’ defensive line collapse in most of northern Hama. Watch events at the village of Ma’an closely, when it is liberated. The terrorists will be placed in a possible cauldron situation.



Map credited to @A7_Mirza


West Ghouta

The terrorist gangs inside al Haama, just a few kilometers northwest of Damascus’ downtown, decided to “play hard ball” and rejected the reconciliatory discussion with the Syrian Government. In only a few hours, the SAA stormed the town, killed and locked down every single terrorists inside with the help of Syrian citizens.  Al-Haamma is now a liberated city and soon Qudssayyaa will be joining it, though reconciliation is working, so far, at this town.



The offensive in Aleppo is running like clockwork. Some people questioned why the SAA and allies are opening up new fronts inside the city instead of advancing in one or two fronts deeper and faster. The answers may lie into the fact that the SAA and allies are taking low casualties and the terrorists, on the other hand, are taking very high casualties which are not replaceable. There is a limited number of terrorists inside Aleppo, some sources say. By the start of the offensive, there were 5,000 able fighters, but it is assumed that close to 1,000 are dead or wounded since the start of the Aleppo city offensive, such that their numbers have dwindled to 4,000. These terrorists are spread thin defending entire pockets.  When a large number is needed in one area to counter-attack or hold the ground, it has to come from another front line. This is why we see new fronts popping up with shifting battles.  It all appears random to anoutsider, but, it is planned in advance by the SAA High Command and its allies. Not long ago we saw a similar strategy at work in East Ghouta and Darayaa.

For the past 2 days we witnessed 5 offensives taking place at the same time:

U’wayja – SAA and Liwaa` al Quds control all of it up to the Jandoul Roundabout and the high ground on the quarries and sawmills. This advance was expected and the terrorists will build now their defensive lines inside the urban area of Haydariyyah District. Very important advances inside Manaasher Al-Burayj as well. This this is key to flank the Hanaanu district.
Bustaan Al-Baashaa – 60-70% of the district is liberated, with building to building fighting.
Sulaymaan al Halabi – there was a counter offensive late yesterday and the terrorists retook 20% of the district, this is being corrected right now.
Al-Shaykh Sa’eed – very important advance inside this district. the SAA and allies went too far and risked being cut off. It had to retreat to a better defensive line overnight during a fierce terrorist counter-attack. The SAA is again rolling over the enemy inside this district and the war of attrition is very detrimental to the terrorists at this stage. Expect their defensive lines to collapse and pockets being formed in few days.
Salaah-Al-Deen -This is a new front, more likely a defensive move to expand the security zone for the 1.5MM civilians in Western Aleppo, while building on top of the victorious campaign in Al-‘Aamiriyya Quarter, which is currently fully liberated.


The results of 10 days of offensive inside Aleppo is estimated by the reduction of areas previously held by the terrorists, down from 60 to 45 sq kms or 25% of it.

Expect more new fronts to pop up inside Aleppo and watch closely Sheikh Sa’eed and al Manasher/Hanano districts. 


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