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The news couldn’t be better, the terrorists’ defensive lines are crumbling in multiple sectors of Aleppo city, find below the latest:

Northeast axis – The imperative Humrah hill was liberated Saturday night, and this 453 meters high hill provided complete fire control of al Shuqayyif district which in fact control the Jandoul roundabout. Early Sunday the SAA and allies were already rolling over the terrorists in al Shuqayyif district down to the Jandoul roundabout, completely liberated by early hours. The consequence of this victory will be felt in the Owaija and Ayn al Tal districts, which is fact has strong connection to the central axis on going offensive in Bostan al Pasha district, explained below.

Map credited to Islamic World News @A7_Mirza

The situation in the Handarat Camp is very stable, defensive line is now very solidly built and no further terrorist’s attempt to storm it in the past 24 hours, a very large US Army branded weapon cache was uncovered by the Liwa al Quds group while sweeping the camp.

Al Kindi hospital and hill are finally completely liberated and the fight died down, no more terrorists’ attempt to regain it since they lost all flanking positions from Handarat camp, Al Shuqayyif district and the eastern quarries at Bakarah.

Most of the northeastern offensive axis objectives were reached, the next natural target is full control of Owaija district, which is about to happen and advance in the deep urban area of Ayn al Tal and Haydariyah and Manasher/Hanano districts.

Latest news appointing for the YPG retreating from the Youth Housing, that occupied after the Castelo road was taken by the the Tiger Force, and now it is 100% under the SAA control. Some conflicting info mentioned the YPG helped flanking the terrorists in al Shuqayyif industrial district, a repeat of the same partnership saw in Bani Zayd district liberation few months ago.

Central axis – The new component of the central axis offensive has had of to a good start, the SAA and allies have stormed the Bostan al Pasha, Suleiman al Halabi and Sheikh Kheder districts. The information from this new frontline is conflicting due to the heavily urban fight and fluid control of buildings, but we can confirm the following gains so far:

Bostan al Pasha district 

Deir Wartan Church

Candy building

Huritany building

Al Adhem building

Zanoubia building

Mukafarah building

Suleiman Halab district


Electricity building

Halab Club

Surrounded the water pump station – fierce battle

Sheikh Kheder Districit

Several buildings under control near Orchards

Map credited to NDF @NatDefFor/Islamic World News @A7_Mirza

Western/Southern axis – Skirmishes and a conflicting report of some advance by the SAA further inside Sheikh Sa’eed, further up date during the day.


East Ghouta – The SAA and allies have gained most of the farms east of ar Rayhan which in fact gave a vantage position to storm the 1 km gap where the village of ar Rayhan is located and cut all terrorists from the Tell Kurdi area, when it happens, the pressure will be huge toward Al Shifuniyah area. Soon we will hear good news from this battle front.

West Ghouta – A new offensive was launched yesterday in the the pocket of Khan ash Shih-Zakiyah-Dayrkhabiyah-al Muqaylibah-al Taybeh villages. The SAA stormed in the direction of the latter village in an attempt to cut the supply roads, initial results are very promising with the SAA being able to cut the road between Dayrkhbiyah-al Muqaylibah-al Taybeh while fights are also reported in the outskirts of Dayrkhbiyah village, should these gains are kept on Sunday, the SAA will be in strong position to defeat the terrorists in multiple villages while isolating Khan ash Shih, the battle for Khan ash Shih will resemble Darayaa, in fact the attacking SAA force have a strong component of the Republican Guard heroes that liberated Darayya.

Map credited to NDF @NatDefFor

Good article related to NATO’s and UN complicity in the war of aggression against Syria.


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