ALEPPO:  An important hill overlooks the Al-‘Aamiriyya and Al-Sukkari quarters just north of the Cement Factory.  The hill is called Tallat Al-Shaykh Sa’eed.  Last night, after a sudden burst of artillery which softened up rodent defenses, the SAA charged up the hill and killed every rat who did not surrender.  The Syrian Army is now in a position to monitor all terrorist movements from its commanding position atop the hill.  It is expected the terrorist vultures will try to retake the hill since their movements will be subject to constant  artillery fire if they fail to do so.  The SAA has begun laying mines to prevent exactly that and the rodents are going to have a great deal of fun dancing the dabka around these subtle traps.


Bustaan Al-Baashaa:  More advances with the SAA on schedule to delouse the entire area.  16 blocks were cleared out yesterday.  Rodents were observed leaving the sinking ship and heading toward any building still standing.




North of Al-Saakhoor Roundabout:  The entire Electric Company Complex, all buildings and towers, liberated in the northeast of Aleppo City.  All rodent nests were obliterated.


Aleppo Hill:  The Syrian Army has taken control of this area southwest of Al-Burayj by killing an estimated 22 rodents, all of whom were non-Syrians.  The area surrounding the hill is now under SAA artillery control.


Al-‘Uwayja Industrial Sector:  The SAA has advanced deep into the industrial zone killing scores of rodents belonging to the Noor-Al-Deen Al-Zangi terrorist group and Nusra/Alqaeda.  All this took place just south of the recently-liberated Handaraat Camp.  The SAA has gained control over all factories, and there are many here.


IDLIB:  A training camp run by the Turk terrorist degenerates was struck hard yesterday and today by the SAAF.  Almost all the criminals here are foreign mercenaries whose paychecks are delivered by the United States and Saudi Arabia.  The town of Al-Daanaa is about 36 kms north of the provincial capital and is close to the Turk border.  The SAAF swooped down on the base leveling all buildings and dropping thermobaric bombs designed to maximize rodent deaths.   According to terrorist websites, the attack took place during a high-level meeting of rat leaders.

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الجيش السوري يحكم سيطرته على تلة الشيخ سعيد في حلب

North of ‘Aydoon Village:  The Syrian Air Force pounded ISIS positions here and conducted several sorties over fleeing child molesters scampering around in their pajamas.  No details about casualties.


The Red Hills (Al-Tulool Al-Humur):  SAAF struck ISIS again east of Salamiyya by about 30 kms.  The SAAF destroyed 4 vehicles and killed an undisclosed number of vermin.


But, that’s not all, folks.  The SAAF was particularly active over Sooraan, Khifseen, Al-Zalaaqiyyaat, Tulaysiyya, Sukayk, destroying Nusra’s armored vehicles, 4 pickups with 23mm cannons and a Command-Control Center run by Jund Al-Aqsaa.


HOMS:  A Bosnian moron was brainwashed by ISIS into getting in the seat of a large truck loaded with TNT which was intended to reach a Syrian Army post at Al-Baarida/Qasr Al-Hayr (Palace of the Enclosed Garden).   Well, can you guess what happened?  Syrian Army LRRPs scouted the miserable imbecile, alerted the troops and a team of Kornet operators were deployed to welcome the Balkan scum.  Unable to reach his destination, he was ordered to ignite the payload as a consolation prize by which he would be sent directly into the arms of 72 Virginians.



John Esq. sends this short video showing Gen. Dunford explaining how he wouldn’t want to trigger WWIII to a panel of U.S. Senators, including the notorious buffoon, John McCain:

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