DER’AH:  What a pleasure to report the death of a notorious, terrorist rodent leader like Mallooh Al-‘Ayyaash (a/k/a “Abu Sidra”).  He used to be an officer in the Syrian Army specializing in artillery, one of the army’s greatest capabilities.  But, because he was a bigot who despised minorities, he turned coat and hooked up with the Zionist AMAN military intelligence agency which gave him instructions and logistical support.  What they did not give him was a warning that on Sunday, at approximately 2:00 p.m., he would be transformed into a mist of radical molecules or specks of flesh appropriate for the diets of the buzzard population in Der’ah.   The rodent was seated in the front seat of a Toyota 4-wheel drive with 2 other spies in the back.  The driver had no idea that on the Ayb-Jadal Road, a team of SAA-Special Operations commandos were calmly waiting to detonate a bomb dug into the apron of the road.  As the 4-wheeler approached, a spotter sent the “go-ahead” and the vehicle was targeted perfectly killing everybody aboard.  I have heard one report that a Zionist, Arabic-speaking rodent was also inside the truck.  These types of “illegals” don’t usually carry identification with them although I have been told the rodent wore a “mezuzah” around his scorched neck – a Judaic symbol usually posted on doors to ward off evil.

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Mr. Al-‘Aayesh, post mortem, just before he was incinerated by the SAA.


DAMASCUS:  What a great day for the ‘Alloosh family.  Gee, I really wish Zahraan ‘Alloosh was still around to watch his great Army of Islam (Jaysh Al-Islam) get the frying it really deserves.  And now, even his brother, Muhammad ‘Alloosh, isn’t around anymore after resigning subsequent to a rather embarrassing admission that he was ready to give the Zionist State its long-awaited corner in the sun.  And, boy, wouldn’t it have been nice to have the ancient rodent, Shimon Peres, (real name: Simon Perske the Pole), around to watch the dream of an Islamic canton thriving in the Eastern Ghoutaa go down into the dustbins of history?  I mean, wouldn’t it?


Bad news for the rodents.  The Syrian Air Force has struck a lethal blow against Jaysh Al-Islam in the area of the Doumaa Farms killing scores of rodents.  This area includes the Al-Reehaan Farms where the carcasses of terrorist cannibals dot the countryside like particles of chocolate on vanilla icing.  According to Monzer, who has returned from Al-Ba’ath City, the rats were trapped in a triangle while they were moving weapons and ammo to a fortified location.


Dayr Khibya:  Totally liberated by the SAA today in the afternoon, Damascus time.  The army didn’t just stop there but pursued the scattering rodents all over the rural area trying to kill or capture each and every one.  The rats were dropping their weapons everywhere and the PDC was there to pick it all up for use in exterminating Saudi Arabians.   No sooner had the area been cleared than we had the SAA sappers enter and disentangle networks of land mines and dismantle IEDs uncleverly deployed by the doomed vermin.




What tales of glory would be complete without mentioning Aleppo?  The Syrian High Command has given the remnant rodents of East Aleppo another chance to get out before the entire concrete and metal structures underneath which they cower and quiver like starving pangolins collapse all around them.  They have been guaranteed safe passage out of East Aleppo by the Russian government and a passageway has been reserved for them.


AL-SHUQAYF FACTORIES AND ALL AREAS SURROUNDING THE INDUSTRIAL SECTORS HAVE BEEN TOTALLY DELOUSED.  I am pleased as punch to tell you that close to 100 rodents were either killed or wounded by the SAA during the last 24 hours.  Almost all the rodents belonged to Nusra/Alqaeda and were of various nationalities.   The final attack came from south of the Handaraat Palestinian Camp, which was re-liberated on Thursday, and from an area just north of the Castillo Highway.  It’s just getting better and better.


Khaled sends this before-after image of the hospital Obama wanted to destroy.  He succeeded.  One of the few things that low-life ever succeeded in doing.  


الجيش السوري يسيطر على منطقة


PHOTOS OF THE DAY:  (From Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri):

Wanna know how the GRAD missiles came in from Turkey?  Take a gander.  Boy, aren’t the Americans clever?


Silvia Iranova sends us this satellite photo of the huge Russian base at Humaymeen:





The bags say:  “Russia is with you”.  Watch the rodent, Obama, fume.  (Thanks, Khaled)

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