ALEPPO:  As I wrote yesterday, the Bustaan Al-Baashaa campaign is about to end with the deaths of hundreds of rodent terrorists.  The number of foreigners among the vermin is staggering, according to Wael.  It is now clear that over 80% of the depraved lunatics who populate the ranks of the murdering rats are from Chechnya, Daghestan, Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, West China, and other parts of Central Asia.  Wael says that most of the Tunisians, Libyans and Egyptians have either gone back to their homelands or have been killed.  In any case, as he writes, Saudi Arabia is no longer able to convince veteran North Africans to go back and fight in Syria.  Of even greater importance is the fact that the Saudis are broke and cannot pay salaries at the same level of 3 years ago.

Yesterday, the Syrian Army smashed through terrorist fortifications around the Institute for Athletic Training and the attached dormitories.  Once that was accomplished, the army quickly annihilated every rodents infesting the Academy for Gifted Children and liberated over 8 city blocks.  All fortifications in Bustaan Al-Baashaa have, reportedly, been destroyed along with all command-control centers linked to the American terrorist enablers in East Aleppo.  The army is engaged in hand-to-hand combat now with the huddled rodents killing them at every turn.  It’s glorious.


(Thanks, Alex Kharegi)

The United States is particularly concerned about the 12+ American rodent terrorists who were embedded with Alqaeda in East Aleppo.  Their being taken captive would be a massive humiliation for a president whose own legacy is now assuredly one of failure and deep degradation.  The Syrian Army –MI are monitoring the communications between the American rodents and their commanders in Turkey.  Their situation is untenable.   The Americans are slowly starving and are giving hints they might have to surrender to the SAA.  This is why the U.S. was so insistent on a cease fire.  There is also discussion of an extraction operation using both U.S. and Turkish commandos to break in to East Aleppo and save the miserable lives of the American terrorists.  Such an operation, if unsuccessful, will bring even more opprobrium to Obama and his team of imbeciles, not to mention a virtual admission of American support for Alqaeda.  A real mess.


The remaining cockroaches have withdrawn from their positions leaving scores of carcasses behind for identification by the MI people.  The majority of the vermin have dug trenches inside the Al-Sanawbari Park which is being vaporized now by the SAA’s artillery and rocket units.  We predict the fall of Bustaan Al-Baashaa within the next 72 hours.

In the meantime, the Syrian Army High Command has announced a diminution of artillery attacks on the Eastern Aleppo Front in order to give residents a chance to escape the clutches of the plague-carrying vermin infesting their neighborhoods.  These citizens have been shot at by entrenched vermin whenever they tried to leave for safer havens under the control of the government.  This cessation has not affected the front at Bustaan Al-Baashaa, however.

Al-Kindi Hospital:  As you read in SyrPer yesterday, the hospital which was occupied and destroyed by the “moderate” American opposition in 2013 is now under the exclusive control of the SAA.  But, the army didn’t stop there.  It has now expanded its reach and has liberated the Hydrology Institute Building and all factories surrounding it.  Here are the only Syrians identified in this theater:

‘Abdul-Ameer Al-Shatti

Qays Daawood Al-Saqqaal

Mahmoud ‘Ali Haaj-Hassan

Diyaab Saqr

Ghassaan Muhammad Safarjalaani

Muhammad ‘Abdul-‘Azheem Khaazindaar

Bilaal Mu`ayyad Kahhaala

Al-‘Aamiriyya:  20 blocks liberated by the army as terrorist rat defenses fall down like a house of cards.  Over 20 rodents dispatched to the hellish regions, scores wounded and screaming for medical help which cannot come and an entire command-control center torched and rendered into dust.



الجيش السوري يحرز تقدماً جديداً في بستان الباشا في حلب

The towns of Qudsayyaa and Al-Haamma have signed a truce with the government promising not to give succor or aid to any terrorist.  All citizens who turn over their weapons will receive Amnesty and be able to return to a normal life.

Dayr Khibya:  The SAA is about to delouse the entire area.  The army is advancing against a formidable wall of artillery fired by the American and British armed rodents.  In fact, Nusra/Alqaeda mounted a tenacious ground operation yesterday to dislodge the army from its positions.  But, that failed miserably and the intercepted chatter indicates that the death toll for the terrorist degenerates was huge.  We are 200 meters from the outskirts of the town.  Don’t be surprised if the Alqaeda rodents don’t withdraw to lines behind the Zionist horde.

قيادة الجيش تعلن تقليص ضرباتها الجوية في حلب




Sharmine points a finger at the Tom Thumb Tyrant and his crowd of killers:

I’m amazed it’s taken this long to out Clinton as the U.S.’s chief arms smuggler:



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