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While, understandably, all eyes are on the final stage of Aleppo’s liberation, remarkable progress has been taking place in all East and West Ghouta around Damascus. Lets recap:


East Ghouta

The advance in the northeast part of the pocket has been steady for a few months. In the last few days, control of Al-Rayhaan Village has essentially neutralized the terrorists in Tal Kurdi, while placing the SAA on the eastern front door of Doumaa, the largest city under terrorist control inside the East Ghouta pocket, a situation that only forces the terrorists to realize their fate. Negotiations for a truce or evacuation may in fact be under way due to the extremely debilitating situation for the terrorists and the civilians held hostage.

Last Thursday, 400 terrorists and 1600 civilian relatives were evacuated from al Haama and Qudsayaa, northwest of Damascus, toward Idlib, while hundreds of terrorists surrendered to the Syrian Government to settle their situation. This remarkable “Syrian-to-Syrian” reconciliation marked a very important step toward many more cases like that in what might become a model in the weeks/months to come. (Ziad reported that yesterday in detail.)

Three days ago, the SAA together with the PLA (Palestine Liberation Army) stormed the Yarmouk camp, once a vibrant suburb of Dasmascus housing thousands of Palestinians. The camp currently is under ISIS control.  In fact, it is the only ISIS pocket in East Ghouta. The surprise operation was a success and most of the northern section, about half of the camp, has been liberated.


West Ghouta

We will always remember the victorious campaign that liberated Daarayyaa two months ago, but, what went unnoticed was that it sparked a very peaceful reconciliation in Mua’dhdhamiyya west of Daarayyaa where thousands of civilians were liberated from the stench of terrorism.

Right now, the main action in West Ghoutaa is a bit further south of Daarayyaa, at the so called Khaan Al-Shaykh pocket, which contains 6 villages, Khaan Al-Shaykh being the largest one.

For about the past 10 days, the SAA has started an offensive to fully control this pocket. When successful, it will have important implications for the front line near Shab’a and Qunaytra.

Friday morning, Ziad shared with us the news that the village of Al-Dayr Khabiyya (Var: Al-Dayr Khibya) was finally liberated after fierce resistance from the terrorists over the past 10 days.  The SAA had essentially encircled the village late last night after capturing Tal Al-Dayr Khabiyya, southeast of the village. The “door” is now open for the SAA to cut through the farms and split this pocket in two in the next few days.

Map credited to @tutomap

Latest maps and brief comments from selected battlefronts.


Der ez Zor 

Tal Thardaa point 1 is under SAA control while points 2, 3 & Tal Kuroom are still under ISIS control. The situation remains dangerous with the airbase under threat. Only helicopters are allowed to use it. On the other hand, strong RuAF and SAAF support has been seen since the USAF gave support to ISIS by attacking the SAA.

Map credited to @tutomap


Northern Hama

After Thursday’s liberation of Ma’an, the Tiger Force is at striking distance of M5 from Tell Bizam. Once the M5 is cut off, the cities of Sooraan, Ma’ardas and Teebat Al-Imaam will be roughly encircled. Halfaayaa is under a temporary truce.

 Map credited to @miladvisor



Situation of Aleppo after the complete collapse of terrorist defensive lines in the northeast axis: the SAA and Liwaa` Al- Quds have crushed the terrorists in Talaat Burayj, Majbal Al-Zaytoon, Tal ‘Uwayja,Tal Al-Asfar and Manaasher, while advancing toward Ba’abdeen Square. Several blocks of the Al- Haydariyya Youth Housing is under total control of SAA and Liwaa` Al-Quds. Some Syrian flags are visible on top of buildings in Al-Haydariyya, clearly showing civilian support for the Syrian Government advances. At the current pace, soon Indhaaraat District will be liberated just like ‘Ayn Al-Tal.


Map credited to @A7_Mirza

Underreported by most media outlets is the new SAA advance on the recently started eastern axis. So far most of the areas east/northeast of `Ard Al-Hamraa are liberated, including part of the housing complex south of Jabal Badru. The situation will become critical to the terrorists since 3 axes are moving toward convergence: the central axis on Sulaymaan Al-Halabi/Saakhoor Districts;  the northeastern axis now approaching Hanaanu and Haydariyya Districts with, finally, the eastern axis recently storming Jabal Badru.  It’s a triple pincer maneuver in the making.




From Yemen with love! Amazing ambush!  Saudis “pretending to be an army” fell into a huge trap.  The video is a bit shaky but stick with it   since there are multiple hits during its 12 minutes. This is the quintessence of the “sitting duck”.

As reminder of the dangerous time we are in today’s world, watch the 5 minutes video below on “All America’s Wars Begin with False Flags (and WWIII Will Too)”, ordinary people always allow their leaders to do stupid things, in the case of all hell to break loose, the ordinary people will always pay toughest the price.

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