Terrorist rodent broomed out of Aleppo appears suspiciously penitent before being handed over to the PDC and Justice  . (Thanks, Khaled)


A Yemeni rodent is flushed out and taken for interrogation in Aleppo. (Thanks, Khaled)

It appears the offensive in Eastern Aleppo has dazzled the Russian high command.  The Syrian Army is now engaged in house-to-house fighting with elements of Jaysh Al-Fath, Harakat Nooreddeen Al-Zangi and Nusra/Alqaeda in the areas of Saakhoor and Hanaanu.  With the losses the rodents have sustained, Wael tells me that the remaining rodents are ill-equipped both physically and mentally to handle the assault of a trained professional army like Syria’s.  Let’s be very blunt:  the Syrian Army is under orders to slay each and every foreigner it can find.  Efforts by foreigners to surrender are rejected outright the preference being to hunt him down and kill him.  The Liwaa` Al-Quds (mostly Palestinian with commanders from the PFLP-GC) is proving to be the most predatory of all the patriotic groups; their fighters find and execute all foreigners – especially the Saudis who are sometimes skinned alive before burning.   The standing orders are to take Syrian citizens prisoner.  Those who have not surrendered are kept in detention camps to await interrogation, trial and then, possibly either amnesty or prison, depending on the rodent’s record.  Those who have committed acts of murder, forced slavery, drug smuggling or organized crime are turned over to the Syrian Army’s Special Military Prosecutor.

As of today, the SAAF and RuAF have conducted over 50 sorties over East Aleppo killing a reported 11 rodents.


HAMA:  The aftermath of the military disaster facing the Saudi pedophile, Al-Muhaysini at Kawkab.:


(Thanks, Khaled)

Yesterday, as I reported to you, the rodents of Jaysh Al-Fath swallowed a hot anvil called utter defeat at the village of Kawkab.  The photos above show the military and its allies sweeping the area of disease-carrying carcasses which will be incinerated.

I can now to announce to you that the town of Ma’aan has been completely liberated by the Syrian Army. Jaysh Al-Fath, unable to keep its officers alive, has taken an even bigger loss here than in Kawkab.  I have one report asserting that the SAA and its allies killed over 106 rats in this battle.  I also will be receiving photos showing the population dancing in the streets before the triumphant Syrian Army.

Along with Ma’aan, the SAA has completely deloused Kawkab, Al-Kibaariyya, Kiraah and its western farms, and the Railroad Station.  All terrorist nests were vaporized with most rodents killed.

الجيش السوري يسيطر على بلدة معان بريف حماة الشمالي

The SAAF and RuAF blasted Jaysh Al-Fath fortifications here:  Teebat Al-Imaam, Sooraan, Ma’rdas, Mork, Red Hills, Tal Bizaan, North Tal Za’atar, Sukayk, Tal Huwayyir, ‘Atshaan, Tal Tar`’aa, Hasraayaa, Al-Lataamina.


Between Al-Qunaytaraat and Khunayfees:  Terrorists supported by the Americans moved out of Qunaytaraat with the intent to occupy Khunayfees where the SAA maintained a solid military presence.  This area is near Al-Salamiyya.  Residents gave information about rat preparations to the SAA-MI who alerted our forces.  Once the SAA knew the route to be taken by the rodents, SAA rangers and engineers planted 60-70 land mines which are remote-controlled with the use of digital codes.  As the convoy of rodents was moving along to its desired destination, the officer in charge of the unit gave the order to detonate and all the rats went straight to Hell.  14 confirmed killed with over 30 wounded.



The Syrian Air Force operated over Point 1154 and Point 1112, Kubaani and Dhahr Kafr Sindu.  The result was an air assessment of many vehicles destroyed, mostly pickups with23mm cannons.  Also, the SAAF pummeled rodents yesterday at Kam’aayaa, Ba’arbaayaa, Tirdeen, Kubaani and Kafr Sindu Mountain.  



The Lemniscat sends proof that the so-called Russian attack on the U.N. aid convoy was a hoax perpetrated by the White Helmets:

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