“Exclusive to SyrPer” by Canthama


Aleppo: The past 10 days have shown the moment the western backed terrorists came from being empowered and excited by the “virtual” siege breaking of eastern Aleppo, down to fear of being annihilated by the Syrian Government forces and allies.

The narrow corridor the terrorists punched through the SAA’s defences has however proved of no real value to the terrorists since it is too narrow and too heavily contested for the rebels to be able to send large numbers of men and supplies through it. 

For the past 2 days, a combined force of Hezbollah, SAA and NDF have stormed the 1070 apartment complex, slowly but steady, the allied forces have gained ground and as late yesterday it controlled over 90% of the complex, including the red villa, just a narrow line of building remains as “no man’s land” due to terrorists’ presence at the high ground in al-Hikma school.


Map credited to Hamza_780 – mid day August 16th estimated frontline


The control of the 1070 Apartment complex provides perfect flanking position to storm the Air Force Technical College from the western side combined with a northern and northeast approaches. The Tiger Forces and Hezbollah have spearheaded an attack yesterday, after a strong sequencial bombing by SAAF and RuAF all over the Artillery base complex, fierce fighting was reported inside the buildings. As expected a terrorists’ counter attack happened from the eastern side of the College, from the Ramouseh Industrial sector, and not surprisedly, both air forces and artillery were hitting hard the district right after the allied forces retreated from the Air Force complex to maximize terrorists’ KIA. At the moment the Artillery base is a disputed area.


Map credited to @PetoLucem


Video credited to @C_Millitary1 – Non stop bombing on all the Artillery base complex


Photo: Terrorists’ armoured vehicles hit by artillery fire near the Artillery base this morning.





Early Thursday, the Syrian Government forces and allies have shifted the attacks toward southwest Aleppo, quickly liberating the villages of Qarassi and al-Amarah/al-Amiriyyah and al-Jam’iyat hill, right now the allied forces are, surprisingly, attacking the key village of Khalsah/Khalasah, the shift in attention from western Aleppo may indicate a very important move for the battle of Aleppo, the shifting gear from a defensive mode toward offensive. There is no doubt this is a much broader strategic intent to pull thousands of terrorists out of the narrow corridor to defend Idlib and the vital M5, should this attack succeed at Khalsah/Khalasah and the allied forces press forward toward M5, then a large flanking strategy will be on and the terrorists may have fell into a very large trap, today will be key to prove this theory right.



Der Ez Zor: There have been intense air attacks and bombing from RuAF Tu-22M3 taking off from Iran, Russia MoD has estimated over 150 ISIS terrorists killed in the last 48 hours in and around the city. The bombing campaign will continue relentlessly, with the shorter travel distance, fuel has been replaced by extra bombs thus enhancing the destruction power of each raid, besides multiple raids are allowed per day due to the proximity of the Iranian airbase.This bombing campaign, which got full clearance by the Iraqi Government to use its airspace, seems to be a coordinated effort on going south of Mosul, creating a mobility limitation for ISIS in the triangle of Mosul – Der ez Zor – Al Qa’im.


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