By Canthama, exclusive to SyrPer:


الجيش السوري

During military offensives it is quite hard to find  balance in news reports regarding what is really happening on the ground. The fact is that this latest terrorist offensive to retake strategic routes into Aleppo has a very large media-multi-grouping involved. It has been planned and widely promoted for at least one week. A cautionary warning to our readers is that terrorist supporters are disseminating easy, meaningless gains, as part of their disinformation campaign.

There were several reports of terrorist troops being pulled back from Hama, Homs and Lattakia to mass near Aleppo. It is an estimated 5,000-8,000, but this is completely unconfirmed and nearly impossible to double check; but, due to the initial intensity of the attack, the number 5,000, at a minimum, is very likely.

The main Terrorist’s groups involved so far with a roughly mixed bag of 50/50% Syrians and foreigners, are:

Nusra/Jabhat Fateh Al-Shaam/Alqaeda

Suqoor Al-Jabal

Ahraar Al-Shaam

Faylaq Al-Shaam

Ajnaad Al-Shaam

Liwaa` Al-Haq

Jaysh Al-Sunna

Turkistan Islamic Party (Uighur jihadists from China)

The main target area the terrorists struck yesterday is by far the narrowest part of West Aleppo, with possible flanks to be protected due to the loss of Khaan Toumaan and its environs 2 months ago. 

When the attack started, the front line was as long as 20 kms. They clearly aimed for the narrow corridor but took time to expand the flanks for protection during the initial hours.  But, then, the attackers constricted into a spearhead movement aiming at AlHikma School and the 1070 apartment complex. It was strikingly successful during the day, yesterday,  which brought the terrorists to about 3 kms from their besieged terrorist confederates inside Aleppo.

Civilians assisted by burning tyres in West Aleppo to create thick black plumes of smoke, while surface to air fire was reported targeting helicopters supporting Syrian forces. 

ISIS, either acting in coordination or opportunistically seizing upon this event, used the Aleppo offensive to target Syrian supply lines in Khanaasser. VBIED was used. For the umpteenth time, the “moderates” and ISIS seemed to be coordinating their military tactics. Is there any doubt they are doing exactly that?

After the paltry initial gains by the terrorists, reinforcements poured into the battle; Liwaa` Al Quds sent 400+ soldiers with 300 more Syrian Army special operations commandos arriving with many more battle-hardened infantrymen.

Air strikes increased markedly and all the terrorist supply lines were bombed intensively. Make no mistake, a very large number of terrorists were killed or wounded during these bombings and, according to reports, continue to perish, based on  terrorist website news.

The new front line was held on the disputed 1070 apartments and the counter attack was initiated during the night and early Monday morning. The initial results are that there is a large group of terrorists surrounded at the 1070 apartment complex and they are cut off from the terrorists in Al-Hikma School, which have been beset upon by special forces as I write. There is little info on how this is playing out since it is happening now. Overall,  the terrorists did not initiate a 2nd wave attack, maybe due to the intense and constant bombings. Map below shows the most recent  situation.

Map credit to intelligencefusion

Meanwhile a Russian Mi-8 was shot down with 5 KIA SW of Aleppo; horrible scenes were filmed with the terrorists and families on top of the bodies and pulling them around, reminding one of Mogadishu and Fallujah;  There is very little doubt that the RuAF will respond by delivering to the cannibal revelers a taste of a fiery Hell.

Saraaqib:  Russian pilot’s body dragged by Islamist savages after his helicopter crashed.  There will be Hell to pay for the murder of the Russian crew which was ferrying humanitarian supplies to the civilians of Aleppo. (Photo: Alalam)

The attack SW Aleppo has at Shughaydilla and the nearby Dam failed, but the terrorists managed to advance in the small Al-‘Aamriyya village area. However, that may not be sustainable since their main spearhead attack has bottomed out and cooled down.

This battle is by far undecided. The two sides have committed large amounts of resources.  Should 1070 apartment complex be retaken, then the terrorist main gain from the 1st day will be lost and all the rest is pretty much open terrain, easy pray for bombing and artillery. So the battle for the 1070 apartment complex is the big one unless the terrorists open up a new spearhead further south. 

The amount of losses on the terrorists side is very high, they will probably have a 2-3 day window to storm the area with the same aggressiveness as day 1. If no further progress is made,then, it will be hard to continue and the offensive will have failed miserably and with it could go down many of the most experienced terrorist-cannibals.  This has been a big, if not the biggest gamble, by the terrorists so far in this war.


By Ziad A. Fadel, Editor in Chief:


Archival photo shows trucks moving on the Khanaasser/Atharyaa

As Canthama wrote in his post herein-above, the lying rodents have been disseminating their fakeries with much abandon these last few days. One of their most blatant lies is the red herring about ISIS working with Jund Al-Aqsaa to block the Khanaasser/Atharyaa Road over which the Syrian military and civilian humanitarian agencies are delivering aid to long-suffering Aleppan civilians.  The road is totally clear and the Syrian government has announced clearly that scores of trucks are speeding to the city without any impediment.

 الجيش يصد هجوم واسعاً للإرهابيين على محاور حلب الجنوبية

Al-Raamoosa:  The SAA and its allies humiliated Jaysh Al-Fath at this crucial town in the southwest of the northern capital inflicting scores of dead and wounded.  The rodents tried to soften up SAA positions with firecrackers, but, failed to advance one inch before SAA T-90 tanks obliterated their ranks and sent them scurrying off into their favorite sewers.

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