الجيش السوري

ALEPPO:  With the Syrian and Russian air forces stepping up aerial sorties targeting moving convoys of weapons and rodents from both Idlib Province and Reyhanli in Turk-Occupied Syria, the expeditionary force which first assaulted the southern parts of the city at Al-Raamoosa and the military colleges finds itself at a loss to explain how it got where it is.  The much-ballyhooed corridor into the eastern part of Aleppo turned out to be nothing more than another red herring thrown on the road by the incompetent Arabian media pimps and their Western apple-polishing sycophants at BBC, CNN and Fox News, inter alia.  Syrian military planners are becoming the unsung heroes of this war; they are the ones who sit in the background and prepare detailed schemata describing the nuances of battle, the weaknesses of terrorist flanks – they are the ones who analyze the satellite data, drone images and HUMINT to cobble together an accurate image of looming battles or critical areas for defense and lay out the natural course of tactics used by one of the world’s greatest armies – The Syrian Arab Army.   What we might lack in 21st Century weapons, we make up for in our doggedness and experience combatting a kaleidoscope of villains whose salaries are paid by the most venal of cockroaches and whose weapons are provided by the most hypocritical of Western imbeciles.


Yesterday, at Sanawbaraat and Al-Saabiqiyya, southwest of the city, the SAA fired a volley of artillery shells and rockets at rodents whose leaders congregated with them in the same building.  Army intelligence gave the data with extreme preciosity.  Hizbollah participated in this action by deploying one of its armed drones.  The ground strike was perfect.  Inside the building were the following wretches whose time on this earth had been severely truncated by the angels, Munkar and Nakeer.

Muhammad ‘Abdul-Kareem (A renowned child molester and leader of Faylaq Al-Shaam)

Sulaymaan Ahmad Abu-Al-’Uyoon  (A leader of the Imaan Brigade, a branch of Ahraar Al-Shaam.   He was roasted as he sat in a stolen arm chair studying child pornography)

Muhammad ‘Abdul-Kareem Al-Dughaym (Field commander of Al-Shaam Brigade of Ansaar Al-Deen)

Abu Muhammad Al-Nashmi (Imaan Brigade resident nincompoop)

Abu Hanbal Al-Dayri (Ditto)

Abu Ahmad Al-Soori (Ditto)

Abu Al-Baraa` Al-Hamawi (Ditto)

Abu Layth Al-Tunisi (TUNISIAN RAT VOMIT belonging to Ansaar Al-Islaam)

Abu Al-Miqdaad Al-Turki (TURKISH DUNG BEETLE and sniper unit leader)

“Shamsuddeen” (Sniper leader inside the Al-Jabha Al-Shaamiyya)

“Sayfullaah” (Tank leader within Ahraar Al-Shaam)

Ahmad ‘Amaayaa

Muhammad Dakma

Safwaan Jubayli

Another 50+ were all unidentified foreigners.  This rout was announced by the rats themselves.


Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri sends this photo of a Pantsir rig operated by the 11th Armored Division.




Ma’aan – Al-Zulayqaat Road:  The Nusra rats, tried to overtake several SAA checkpoints and outposts in order to replenish their supplies of rifles and ammunition, but were detected from the very start by SAA rangers.  Once their positions were discovered, the SAAF was ordered into the air with 2 Hind helicopter gunships dominating the skies.  At the end of the battle, which lasted only one hour, the SAA and SAAF had destroyed 3 BMPs, 3 Toyota pickups with 23mm cannons, 1 Mercedes truck loaded with rodents and some weapons and a bulldozer stuffed with TNT and C-4.  The dozer exploded and nearly killed all the rats around it.


Al-Lataamina and Al-Lihaayaa:  The SAAF struck at Nusra positions here killing 20+ rodents and destroying an undisclosed number of vehicles.


DAMASCUS:  Be advised that the village of Al-Reehaan is under SAA siege.  We predict the fall of the village over the next few hours.


Hawsh Nasri Western Farms:  The SAA is engaged in very intense fighting with mostly foreign rats.  The SAA has unleashed several barrages of artillery fire to soften up the rodents’ defenses. A major push to eradicate the scum might start any hour now.


Hawsh Al-Dhawaahira:  Heavy SAA artillery falling on the trapped rats here.


Doumaa:  The SAA is about to encircle Doumaa and Harastaa.  Keep watching the news.


Daarayyaa:  Major new advances as this destroyed city undergoes even more destruction.  The Syrian Army has overtaken the rodents at the Four Seasons and we expect the slime to begin oozing out over the next few days.  SAA has confirmed the liberation of 24 new blocks.   Monzer says hundreds of rodents have been killed or injured during the last five days.


IDLIB:  This occurred on the 15th of the month and I was too busy to report it.  At the Atmeh border crossing, 37 rodents and 40 others were killed when a suicide bomber belonging to ISIS detonated his explosive belt killing many Nusra supporters.  Te hee hee.


Jisr Al-Shughoor:  The SAAF has dropped thousands of pamphlets imploring residents to leave the city.  Other pamphlets demanded the rodents inside either surrender or die.



Brandon now joins MoonofAlabama to slam the nonsensical propaganda about that fake little boy in Aleppo: ( I wish Brandon would stop using the word “regime” when talking about the Syrian government)

Sharmine Narwani sent me this article from the Guardian which exposes the sheer brutality of the Obama regime:


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