Syrian Defense Minister, Lt. Gen. Fahd Jaassim Al-Furayj, reviews troops yesterday and today in Aleppo.  He was reportedly “very pleased” with the way the army closed off all routes into the besieged city while blunting the numerous terrorist “offensives”. 


ALEPPO:  We told you the western propaganda machine was in full swing – even before the events reported were taking place!  The Arabian propaganda sources were at full blast praising the “achievements” of the Wahhabist terrorist butchers —–  until today.  Now, when everybody knows the attack on southern Aleppo was a disaster in rodents and materiel, (we can say with confidence that over 2,500 rodents have died in the last 5 days), the reportage has taken on a less strident tone.  Even the head Saudi rodent, Al-Muhaysini, admitted that the route into Aleppo was still not functioning.  We have news that it is not only “not functioning”, but, it is also a death trap for anyone who would try to negotiate it in order to deliver anything to the trapped rodents inside East Aleppo.  The entire “gap” was only 1,250 meters wide, for your information.  So sad. Sigh.

The Director of Aleppo’s Security Committee has been replaced.  We will report on the new appointee soon.  We can now confirm to all of our readers that close to 18,000 new troops have arrived from Damascus, Homs, Hama and Al-Layramoon.

Here’s a surprise for our readers:  At Khaan Toomaan, a Saudi-funded Pakistani terrorist organization is now settling in for the long haul.  They are mostly found near the bulgur factory.  Sadly for our rodent friends from the Indian subcontinent, they weren’t allowed to get comfortable as Syrian and Russian aerial bombardment began yesterday and continued into today with the terrorist leaders screaming bloody murder into their cellphones.  Once the air assaults subsided, the Pakistanis were given another taste of Syrian hospitality when the SAA opened up a barrage of artillery fire which soured these new arrivals on the “jihad” in Syria.  Evidently, the Pakistanis were not given any medical equipment or drugs and must writhe in agony as our forces continue to pummel them with the fires of Hell.

The Syrian Air Force, backed by Russia’s flying out of Humaymeem AB in Latakia, is dropping fire and brimstone over the heads of the huddled cannibals of Jaysh Al-Fath, Jaysh Al-Islam and Nusra/Alqaeda.   The SAF is concentrating its firepower on the areas of Daarat ‘Izza, Baabees, Ma’aarat Al-Arteeq, and the 4th Sector of Al-Raashideen in Aleppo.   


Al-Raamoosa: This is the cynosure of all terrorist eyes and it was supposed to be the crowing achievement of the rodent campaign to lift the siege of Aleppo.  Yesterday, nearby rodents tried to batten down their presence by bringing forward a bulldozer for the purpose of buiding up a fortification, but, te hee hee, the SAA deployed a team of rangers who struck the dozer with a Kornet missile frying the driver in his seat and turning the machine into another historical artifact.   Also, fracisee’d were the 3 hyenas in a Toyota 4-wheel drive pickup which was targeted by our stalwarts.

الجيش السوري وحلفاؤه يحشدون.. حلب بانتظار

Khalsa Village:  Hizbollah, fully committed to the defense of Aleppo, drowned rats in a hail of artillery fire last night killing a confirmed 7 and wounding scores.

As a reminder that the Crusades repeat themselves, the Jaysh Al-Fath terrorists are reportedly pillaging and raping, as usual, areas which they have recently infested.  16 teenage girls of wholly Muslim families have been taken from their homes to be sold at auction in Idlib.  Isn’t America great?


LATAKIA:  As the criminal mass-murderer, Erdoghan, sits humbly in the presence of Vlad, in St. Petersburg, his terrorist rodents are active again trying to regain lost ground in the northeast of Latakia, specifically, at Kinsibba, an abandoned village now subject to annihilation at the request of its inhabitants.  Yesterday, Jaysh Al-Fath, commanded by the Saudi imbecile and child molester, Al-Muhaysini, (whose scorched femur I have been promised as a burnt offering) failed to take one step forward in the area at both Kinsibba and Jabal Al-Qal’a.  As his vultures realized their frontal assault and their effort to by-pass the SAA flopped, they were ordered to escape back into Turk-occupied Hatay Province.  But, they weren’t even able to do that successfully as both Syrian and Russian aircraft pursued them to the border killing scores of the vermin.




DAMASCUS:  Note to readers:  It appears that ‘Alloosh’s Jaysh Al-Islam is falling apart.  We will keep you informed.  The Ghoutaa is about to fall and ‘Alloosh is making contact with the Syrian government in an effort to disassociate himself from the Saudis.



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