الجيش السوري يسيطر على 25 كتلة أبنية غرب حلب.. ويصد هجوماً في القلمون 

ALEPPO:  To show you how deranged and deluded the terrorist rodents are, they just finished a campaign of “culling the herd” during a paroxysm of horror only seen in areas under the control of ISIS.  We can confirm that Nusra, by order of Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani (real name: Usaamaa Al-‘Absi Al-Waahidi), executed 49 members of its own group because they advanced the idea of throwing down their weapons and surrendering to the government’s army.  But, it gets even gloomier:  they also killed their families. The actual number of people executed is over 140 according to my sources.


Al-Raamoosa:  At the Taxi and Bus station, the SAA has advanced deep into the area starting at dawn today.  In what was described by Wael as “very violent” fighting, the SAA has routed the defending rodents killing over 20 and wounding scores.  Also, at the cement factory, a battle started at around 2:30 a.m. this morning, Damascus time, with the SAA victorious.   I have received word that the SAA has killed Nusra’s leader here:

Shams Abu Muhammad.


Canthama sends us this dramatic drone footage from southern Aleppo:



The best news is from the 1070 Apartment Project.  The SAA has confirmed the liberation of 25 blocks.  The fighting is continuing at “Al-Sanawbaraat”, Al-Maqla’ and Umm Al-Qar’ where SAA artillery is blasting entrenched rodents.


I have just learned that “Abu Al-Muthannaa Al-Hamawi”, the leader of a “commando” unit belonging to Nusra, whose death I reported on August 11, 2016, was killed by a bayonet wielded by a Syrian Army infantryman.  He supposedly reeled back and spit out some expletive as the Syrian soldier slowly rotated his blade inside the abdomen of the wriggling rodent.  I just wanted everybody to know how the vermin died.


Al-Raashideen Districts 4 and 5:  Heavy fighting has erupted here as the SAA and its allies moved in to kill as many vultures as possible.  The attack was preceded by an unusually heavy aerial bombardment which had the rodents barking into their telephones about how vulnerable they were.  The SAAF used thermobaric bombs killing many vermin.


Military Academies south of Aleppo City:  Near Al-Raamoosa, these institutions were touted by the propaganda merchants as “major accomplishments” for Jaysh Al-Fath.  As it turned out, however, the rats only managed to accomplish one thing: get surrounded.  According to our sources 3,000 rats are now encircled at the Artillery Academy, stuck in 15 buildings without water, electricity or food.  The Syrian Army has destroyed 11 pickups with 23mm cannons here and has taken back 4 separate buildings formerly protecting cringing rodents.  At this time, the SAA has killed 39 terrorists with dozens of them screaming for medical assistance that cannot come.

Heavy fighting also has broken out again at the Al-Hikma School.  We are waiting for some details about that.


We have learned that hundreds of terrorists have left their positions at Daarat ‘Izza and ‘Ayn Jaarih to fight to regain Al-Layramoon.   The Syrian Army presence at Al-Layramoon is massive.


IDLIB:  Both the Syrian and Russian air forces are flying hundreds of sorties daily over this province and have struck hard at convoys emerging from Taftanaaz, ‘Arab Sa’eed, Tal Al-Sultaan, Areehaa, Khaan Shaykhoon, Hazzaanu, Tal Mardeekh, Taa’oom Jisr Al-Shughoor, Binnish, Kafr Nibbul, Al-Nayrab, Abu Dhuhoor, Kafr Yahmil, Sirmeen.   Reports indicate a complete failure on the part of the terrorists to deliver any new weapons or supplies to the surrounded rats in Aleppo.   


HOMS:   Two days ago, ISIS attacked from Ruhoom Village and ‘Unq Al-Hawaa the towns of Jubb Al-Jarraah, Maksar Al-Hissaan, and the silo areas east of Palmyra.  They were repelled by the SAA and Desert Falcons.  Over 60 ISIS rodents were killed and their vehicles destroyed.  Their overall commander described as “responsible for the Central Sector”, “Abu  Turaab”, was incinerated in the fighting.



Sharmine Narwani sent me this excellent analysis of the meeting between Erdoghan and Vlad in St. Petersburg:

And now read Samer Hussein’s analysis of the same subject:

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