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The city of Aleppo was partying during Thursday the 28th. The good and brave people celebrated the great victory in Bani Zayd and Al-Ashafriyeh districts by the Syrian forces and their allies. The nights of Thursday to Friday were the first in many years during which they slept securely without fear of random mortar fire from the NATO-backed terrorists. The battle to recover all Syria is far from over, but, victories like this do bring hope for the restoration of permanent conditions for peace and improvement in the quality of life for civilians.

We are also seeing the first civilians leaving the terrorist-held eastern side of Aleppo toward the safety of the western side, though it is expected that the terrorists will make it difficult for them to move out smoothly and safely. The terrorist’s  cowardly use of civilians as human shields for their own protection is well-documented. But this time, Russia is having a noticeable presence in Aleppo, not only helping to drop food to the eastern side but coordinating with the Syrian Government the transfer of civilians to the western side, thus giving high visibility to this operation so directly linked to the the United Nations Security Council resolutions.  It’s not as though it would change anything, but, it guarantees very high visibility and proof to the world as to what is happening there now.










Maps credit to Military Advisor @Miladvisor

Aleppo: The strategic victories in Layramoun, Bani Zayd, Al-Ashafriyeh and the northern part of the Castillo Road, was not only important to lock tight the terrorists inside eastern Aleppo city, basically sealing their fate – forcing them to surrender or to suffer a slow death, it brought security to hundreds of thousands of Syrians in the crowded western side of Aleppo, as explained above. But, it also created the conditions for further military dvance, with  solid and safe rear lines toward Kafr Hamraa and the main vital crossroad at Ma’aarat al-Arteeq.

This offensive is about to start and will most likely have 3 axes, one with the Tiger Forces spearheading from Al Mallaah Farms, a 2nd with most likely the 4th Mechanized Armored Division storming Al-Layramoon district and a 3rd with Syrian forces advancing from Obari farms/Al-Zahraa` District toward Ma’aarat al-Arteeq/west Al-Layramoon District. It is important to note the few thousands of soldiers who were freed up from guarding the large front lines of Bani Zayd and al-Ashrafriyeh districts; those soldiers with years of urban warfare training will be of great help in this upcoming offensive.



Still at the Aleppo frontlines, the fierce fighting in the northeast continues. The combined Syrian forces, SAA, NDF and Liwaa` al-Quds, are advancing inside the north of the Handaraat camp, as well as approaching from the western side. The key aspect of this battle is the importance of the many hills around this urban area, controlling the hills give an extraordinary advantage. In the northern part of the camp, the Syrian forces do have the high ground and it is no surprise to see the recent gains inside the camp there, but on the southern part, the battle for the control of Humra hill continues. At the moment the attack toward Handaraat camp is taking place from two axes, from NW and NE of it, slicing the town, bit by bit, north to south. This has been  happening for 3 days straight, and today’s effort to storm Humrah and al-Shuqayyif is almost certain.. A game changer event would be to see the YPG inside Sheikh Maqsood advancing from a 3rd axis and securing the youth housing north of the neighborhood, but that would have to happen in coordination with the advance toward Humrah Hill. Anyways, the coordination with the YPG organization inside Sheikh Maqsood is not yet clear.



Lattakia: After what seemed a desperate terrorist attempt to storm the hills near Kubaana this past Thursday, after which the terrorists claimed to control Zuwayqaat Hill,  Syrian forces, under the leadership of the Sea Commandos and the Desert Hawks, not only recaptured the Zuwayqaat hill as they opened up a new offensive to re-liberate Kinsibba. The first waves were very efficient and the village of Shillif was re-liberated and fighting was reported at the SW entrance of Kinsibba.

For a successful result to hold the town of Kinsibba, the Syrian forces will have to head straight to ‘Ayn Al-Qantara and Hinsibba, these two forward villages would guarantee a presence in Kinsibba until its defenses are strong.



Damascus: There is a “checkmate” battle going on in East Ghoutaa with battles in Hawsh al-Farah and Hawsh Khayyat winding down. Most of the farms and factories around it are safely in the Syrian forces’ hands, but, there is still some small fighting still continuing although we expect it to subside quickly. The terrorist losses were very high, a dé-jà vu situation as in Mayda’a back in early June where the terrorists put up a fight knowing that its loss would mean a risk to all central-east Ghouta – which, in fact, is exactly what is happening.

We are seeing the prelude to the battle for Hawsh Nasri and Hawsh Al-Shalaq, the very nerve center for the terrorists, and the loss of these locations will cripple the terrorists in many aspects, not only will they be denied vital farm lands as a food source, but, it would create an unsustainable situation for Tell Kurdi, near the Damascus-Homs International Highway and further southeast at the large village of al-Nishaabiyya.


Two days ago, in west Ghoutaa, the Syrian forces  gained more ground inside Daarayyaa, pushing the terrorists further toward its downtown. In total,  the terrorists lost an estimated 80% of the area they once controlled in and around Daarayyaa, the longest battle in this war of aggression against Syria. The situation is becoming quite dire since the terrorists have no way to get ammo, food and medicine. A slow death awaits them, yet, ironically, this is a fate they have accepted after turning down many offers to surrender.


Map credited to Hamza Suliman @hamza_780


The picture below illustrates quite well a possible last vision a terrorist might have inside Bany Zayd before dying.

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