By Canthama, exclusive to SyrPer:

A few hours ago, the terrorist organization Al Qaeda Al Nusra Front suffered what it could be a definitive defeat in Northwest Aleppo at Al Mallaah farms. Early news is reporting losses of 4 tanks and 3 BMPs, while the Tiger Forces managed to take control of additional 3 BMPs and 2 tanks from the terrorists that were fleeing in a very disorganized way from the battle field.

Captured and destroyed terrorist’s tanks & BMPs in Al Mallah after they attacked the Tiger Forces 

On the same battle, there are information popping up that some 20 Al Qaeda Nusra Front terrorists are trapped and completely surrounded at Al-Mallaah at this moment, their fate will most likely be sealed before nightfall.

At the same time Al Qaeda Nusra Front tried the stillborn offensive at Al Mallah, they sent a VBIED into Layramoun roundabout which was destroyed by the 4th Mechanized Division before it could reach its target, fierce fight continues though. 

Map credit to Peto Lucem at Peto Lucem@PetoLucem

Not much action today in Handaraat, northeast of Aleppo city, the same place of the horrendous beheading of the 12 year old Syrian-Palestinian yesterday. The Palestinian brigade, Liwaa` al Quds, and the SAA forces have consolidated and strengthened their positions, the map below tries to pin point the their advance so far.

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