By Canthama, exclusive to SyrPer:

After the great victories recently at Castilo Highway and Al-Layramoon Industrial District, we bring news of the total annihilation of the terrorists inside Bani Zayd and Al Ashrafiyeh districts. These are the very same districts utilized for most of the mortar attacks which killed hundreds of civilians inside Aleppo.


Aleppo: As if there’s not enough bad news recently for the terrorists in northwest Aleppo, they are about to taste a special treat courtesy of the Syrian and Kurdish forces from the Al-Shaykh Maqsood District.  After a fierce attack on Tuesday night by the terrorists in what seemed to be a desperate, but, coordinated effort from Bani Zayd and al Ashrafiyeh to storm the Al-Shaykh Maqsood Quarter in order to either blackmail the citizens into outright support, or, once and for all, take that quarter and place it under terrorist control. They failed miserably! Not only did the defending forces inside Al-Shaykh Maqsood repel the attack, they launched their own counter-offensive early on the 27th and stormed the housing complex west of Al-Shaykh Maqsood over which they they promptly took control during the same day, thus pinning down the terrorists inside Bani Zayd and Al-Ashrafiyya, meaning the terrorists inside both districts lost the last possible link to the terrorists in eastern Aleppo.  They managed to get themselves 100% blocked with severe restraints on their movements and no allies anywhere near them.


In what was a coordinated effort by Syrian forces and the Kurds, the terrorists inside Bani Zayd and Al-Ashrafiyya were crushed from all sides during the night. The fight did not take very long. The leaderless terrorists inside Bani Zayd and Al- Ashrafiyya had few choices, if any, and many decided to flee through whatever possible tunnels they had while many others were killed trying.



At the moment, Bani Zayd and Al-Ashrafiyya are being combed for IEDs and any remaining terrorists inside. This is a huge victory for Syria and for the people of Aleppo; the encirclement of Aleppo was not only physically accomplished, it was methodically done. Hundreds if not thousands of soldiers will be able to move to other front lines inside Aleppo, and most important of all, no more mortars from the terrorists inside Bani Zayd and Al-Ashrafiya will kill civilians any more.


Latest news indicates a rapid advance by the 4th Mechanized Armored Division toward the critical Dhahrat ‘Abid Rabbuh village across the Castillo Road. This is a fundamentally correct move to   liberate all of Al-Layramoon District, a vital step toward Kafr Hamraa and the most important crossroad of all in NW Aleppo, at Ma’arrat Al-`Artee where this crossroad links all of the ‘Anadaan Plains.

The maps below give a very good perspective of Aleppo in 2013 and Aleppo in 2016, and how dire  the terrorist situation is inside and around the city. It has been an arduous and long campaign for Aleppo, but, it is approaching the end.











Map credit to Nimr The Tiger @Souria4syrians


Damascus -East Ghouta: Late Tuesday night, in a very bold move, the Syrian Army and its allies used a decoy further east of East Ghouta, at Maydaana, to powerfully storm the village of Hawsh Al-Faara. This impressive maneuver allowed the Syrian forces to break the terrorists’ forward defensive positions. Fighting is still very fiercel and is reported not only inside this village but also in its neighboring farms and factories.

A Syrian victory will push the terrorists deeper in East Ghouta, while creating several opportunities to establish/increase the de facto government strongpoints in a few areas like Tal Kurdi and Al- Nishaabiyya.

After the victory in the battle for Hawsh al Faara, the villages of Maydaana and Hawsh Al-Siliq will then be the next important pieces in the liberation of the Al-Nishaabiyya area and the terrorist stronghold and HQ at Hazrama, SE in the East Ghouta.

 Map credit to Islamic World News @A7_Mirza

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