By Canthama, exclusive to SyrPer:

A lot has happened in Syria in the past 9 months, but very few events compare to what is happening now in Aleppo. We have noticed that after the coup in Turkey a week ago, that some, maybe most, of the Turkish “military advisors” have left the battlefields in northwest Aleppo to return to Turkey, most likely to reinforce the Sultan’s crumbling army. And with that, the border between Turkey and Syria has become hard to cross due to tighter security and fear of another coup in the making. As a result of it, there is a partial reduction in weapons, Intel, medical supplies and food and the terrorists in Idlib and Aleppo are starting to have second thoughts about this whole jihadist campaign. The tide has shifted and we are just witnessing the events unfolding, one by one, as their house of cards begins to fall apart.


Aleppo: The nightfall of July 25th has turned Aleppo into hell on earth for all the terrorists inside this city. Their chances to flee the cauldron has been severely diminished in one day only.

The terrorists’ defensive line collapsed all together at many points inside Al-Layramoon Industrial Sector during the past few hours with several blocks and factories being liberated by the 4th Mechanized Armored Division. The gains basically let the Syrian forces and allies control most of Castillo Road nearby and the Al-Layramoon Roundabout. There is now even more additional  pressure on the terrorists inside Bani Zayd.



News started to leak and spread yesterday and today that the terrorists leaders of the “16th Division” inside Bani Zayd, who were doing most of the fighting in the Al-Layramoon Industrial Sector, abandoned their group and are nowhere to be found. (Most likely, they deserted their terrorist friends and escaped toward Turkey). This would have zero importance to the war of aggression against Syria, since it happened many times before, but this time, it happened when the Syrian forces were pounding hard one of the key places in all Aleppo, a place that could destroy the terrorist’s entire castle in the sands: the remaining stretch of the Castillo Road that linked Al-Layramoon/Khaalidiyya to Al-Mallaah farms. 














16th Division reportedly headless.

The night of the 25th arrived and with a shift attack south of Al- Mallaah farms, the Tiger Forces, in a few hours, took the Castillo Restaurant and Montazah/Tal-Al Castillo, effectively cutting off the last road out of Bani Zayd toward the ‘Anadaan plains, the very road the leaders of the terrorist gang inside Bani Zayd used to escape yesterday. With the road cut and the Castillo Road mostly under  fire control, the Tiger Forces are connecting the last few hundreds meters with the 4th Mechanized Division and sealing Aleppo hermetically for good.








                                                     Map credit to Islamic World News @A7_Mirza, before and after the recent advance

Late news is arriving that the fight has reached Dhahrat ‘Abid Rabbuh. Syrian Army tanks were spotted using the Castillo Road with checkpoints being installed at the moment. The consequences are many for this important victory, besides the physical encirclement of Aleppo, there is a de facto checkmate in Bani Zayd  with no way to flee – only to surrender or die. This neighborhood has been used for years to bomb the western part of Aleppo, killing countless civilians for so long. But, this is about to end.

Syrian heroes of the day, the brave soldiers from the Republican Guards in Al-Layramoun.



URGENT:  Just released July 26, 2016 at 9:02 a.m. Eastern Daylight Savings Time, by Ziad.  The Syrian Army has just taken over complete, actual control of the Castillo Road.  There is no more talk about “artillery control”.  It’s actual physical control as scores of terrorists have surrendered to the army and allies.  We expect hundreds of rodents to surrender in Aleppo over the next few days as they start to starve.


Just arrived on my desk at 9:36 a.m. EDT, the entire Castillo Complex has been taken over by the SAA and its allies.  The complex provides an uninterrupted view of all front line defense of the terrorists at Bani Zayd.

Nusra/Alqaeda and the Nooreddeen Al-Zangi terrorists suffered a spectacular loss just a few moments ago when the SAAF and RuAf, acting on precise Intel, swept down on 6 convoys of vehicles emanating from the Ataarib and Abyan areas to the west of Aleppo City.  They were heading to resupply the rodents in the south Al-Mallaah Farms.  As of right now, based on aerial assessments, all 6 convoys were severely damaged with over 30 vehicles disabled and on fire.

Yaaqid Al-‘Adas The SAAF and RuAF annihilated, during one hour of aerial bombardment, 11 tanks, 7 armored cars and 1 truck filled with rodents.  This is a developing story. Bear with me.

URGENT:  There is much talk today about Nusra disconnecting from Alqaeda in an effort to save its neck in Syria.  It won’t make any difference to the Syrian-Russian-Iranian Coalition.  Abu Muhammad Al-Jawlaani must face the noose.

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