Two can play at the game of “Steppin’ Carcasses”, as you can see with our National Defense Force soldier posing for the camera in Al-Raqqa Province.  (Khaled sent these photos posted by Ivan Sidorenko). 


The Syrian Army has shocked the United States and its simian allies by pushing an offensive which aims to steal away any opportunities for the United States to occupy fully developed airbases in the east.  I am talking about both the Jiraah Base and the Tabqa Airbase.  It is all too evident that the Syrian Army, the PDC (NDF), and all other allied forces are moving in a pincer action: one from the northwest and one from the southwest.  With Russian aircraft flying cover with increasing frequency, the U.S. has no choice but watch as its favorite terrorist group begins to constrict and withdraw to its de facto capital at Al-Raqqa City.  The Saudis are reportedly livid over inaction by the U.S. and, especially, Britain and France, 2 countries whose futures appear to depend on Saudi investment.  With nobody willing to come to the aid of ISIS, the Syrian Army is moving like the proverbial knife through butter.  We predict the fall of the airbases to the SAA within the next 72 hours barring any atmospheric disturbances.


At Bi`r Zaydaan near Bi`r Ambaj on the road connecting Atharyaa to Al-Tabqa, ISIS suffered enormous losses as the terrain, flat as it is with little to provide cover, was the scene of carnage not yet recorded in this war.  Syrian aircraft provided aerial assessments showing over 150 ISIS terrorists killed or wounded in the air raids.  Moreover, SAA-MI intercepts confirmed a devastating shower of rockets striking with heretofore unseen preciosity at the willy-nilly maneuvers of confused hyenas and vultures driving pickups and trucks.  Enemy communications were noticeably filled with screams and vituperations.  According to Monzer, in Damascus, ISIS lost over 20 of its field commanders here with the SAA moving at a rapid pace from the southwest.


Abu ‘Allaaj Village was liberated yesterday.  Every home was plundered by these derelicts.

4 oil fields in Al-Raqqa and Homs were strafed by Russian and Syrian aircraft demonstrating the effectiveness of denying ISIS the ability to finance its own war.  The area struck hardest was west of the Al-Rusaafa Intersection to the southwest where whole warehouses, once loaded with ammunition, were transformed into exploding firecracker warehouses; where one headquarters was atomized; where 3 pickups were confirmed destroyed in pin-point rocket fire.  The number of dead ISIS rodents is not known although the pilots reported seeing scores of carcasses.


Zakiyya-Dayr Haafir Interchange:  ISIS was struck by both SAA artillery and SAAF/RuAF bombings.  The terrorist vehicles were observed hurrying away, leaving the dead and wounded behind around the Abu Al-Zayn Mountain and the Swim Club.




الجيش السوري


HAMA:  The SAA and SAAF continued to harry the fleeing rodents all over this province, especially near the administrative border with Idlib.  Yesterday, the SAA confirmed sighting 18 Nusra/Alqaeda and Ahraar Al-Shaam carcasses strewn all of the area of ‘Atshaan Town.  An HQ and C&C center was nebulized and 2 pickups with 23mm cannons were also destroyed.  The area is about 45 kms north of the provincial capital.

 غارات سورية وروسية على مواقع ومنشآت نفطية لـ داعش في الرقة

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