مقتل وإصابة العشرات من

IDLIB:  Evidence is mounting that the rodents allied to Jaysh Al-Fath have been ordered to abandon the provincial capital in anticipation of a frontal assault by the Syrian Army, air force, RuAF and HZB with major roles played by Afghan and Iranian militias.  The terrorist sponsors, like Arabia, are themselves exhibiting public anxiety mostly through hilariously inept reports about civilian casualties which no even the terrorists are announcing.  The SOHR, arguably the most incompetent and mercenary of all the fake news sites, is blurting out completely erroneous reports about Russian aircraft striking hospitals.  The reports are so skewed and preposterous, even Kerry is not bringing them up with Lavrov.  Below, you see a photo of an airstrike on an area in Idlib City which resulted, supposedly, in the deaths of women and children seeking medical treatment at some unnamed facility.  Boy, in looking at the photo, I’m finding only military-aged young men, with beards and camo outfits.


(Gee, I don’t see any women or children in this photo of dead rodents killed by super-precise Russian bombers.  That SOHR is a lie-factory)


Al-Shaykh Tallat:  The Syrian Air Force, destroyed Ahraar Al-Shaam bases in a dawn raid yesterday that caught the terrorists with their pants down.  According to several sources, including Wael, in Latakia, 38 terrorists were killed with over 90 wounded.




Khaan Al-Shaykh Area:  The SAA has discovered a massive tunnel complex extending, unbelievably, from Harastaa Farms to Qantara and to Marj Al-Sultaan.  The tunnel eventually, and appropriately ended in the desert where terrorists operating in Jordan were able to smuggle weapons, medicine and foodstuffs into the area for both Jaysh Al-Islam and Alqaeda.  This kind of cooperation proves that Jaysh Al-Islam is a terrorist group no different from the Alqaeda terrorist organization.  The groups using this tunnel complex were identified by a raft of documents unearthed by seasoned SAA engineers.

Amazingly, there were 26 other tunnels radiating out from the main one.  All the ancillary ones were rigged with IEDs and mines such that it is going to take some time dismantling the webbed and interconnected defenses of this network.  Inside, the SAA found command-and-control centers, unused IEDs, mines and lots of TNT from both the Zionist Settler State and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


Harfa Village:  In the area of the forest, the SAA and PDC foiled a Nusra/Alqaeda attack on a military strongpoint.  According to our source, 9 rodents were killed and many wounded.  As the living vermin were escaping death,  they deliberately fired  their weapons at the homes of innocent civilians.


(Thanks, Khaled)



HAMA:  The move to Al-Raqqa and Tabqa has begun.  The Syrian Army has today taken control over the Al-Zayn Mountains in the  area of Atharyaa.  The battle started on Thursday at dawn and continued until 3:00 p.m. Damascus time.  The Syrian Army also expelled all ISIS rodents from the area of the Swimming Park killing a reported 11 ISIS vultures.  This is a huge operation intended to see its consummation at the borders of the city of Al-Raqqa.  It is clear that the Syrian High Command will not let anyone liberate Al-Raqqa other than the people and army of Syria.




Liwaa` Al-Faatimiyyeen in this photo.  It is an Afghan group fighting on the side of our government in Aleppo. (Thanks, Khaled)




(Ziad’s daughter, Mariam, A Syrian beauty, without her loyal and ubiquitous dog, Bella)




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