The explosions on the coast don’t have SyrPer the least bit concerned because they are indicative of the kind of mentality which is drenched in failure, frustration and desperation.  My source, Wael, in Latakia Province has confirmed that 85% of the casualties caused by the multiple explosions were Sunni Muslims, who, evidently, did not revolt against the government, nor did they side with the Arabian cockroaches or the inbred Zionist Ghetto grubs, and, ergo, deserved the freak show terrorism on display in Jabla City and Tartous City.   What the rodents of Arabia did not know was that the Russian military intelligence directorate was overhearing conversations between Saudi-accented vermin in Reyhanli (Turk-occupied Syria) and operatives from the Turk MIT embedded with the terrorists in northeastern Latakia Province.  The largely-coded conversations were understood to involve an “operation” considered very important by the rodents involved.  Amazingly, the explosions, timed to go off almost simultaneously, came within 20 minutes of the last communication monitored for these particular individuals.  The Syrian military has been made aware of this and there appears to be a consensus that the murderous actions on the coast are the workings of the Saudi Arabian apes and their Erdoghani cockroach allies.  But, there is much more, folks.  One of the suicide bombers in Jabla miraculously survived his own explosion and is now in Syrian security hands.  He will be treated very well medically because he will reveal, if he survives, the exact individuals who stood behind this American-style atrocity.

The Syrian government understands, across the board,  these terrorist operations to be efforts at creating increased sectarian tensions in the country.  It is not common for the Syrian government to discuss sectarianism openly in such a manner.  Ordinarily, the mosaic character of Syria, is treated as a mere reality without need for explanation or comment.  Not this time, however.  And the reason for such openness might be the fact that the Saudi regime targeted mostly Sunni Muslims on the coast.  If the aim was to kill Alawis or Christians, it is obvious that the effort was a complete flop.  The evidence is in.  The Saudis are killing Sunnis by the truckload.  And, judging by the response of the people to this audacious act of nihilism, Sunnis are now committed to the extermination of the entire House of Saud.


To get an understanding of how demented the Saudis really are, we have to study the way the operation was designed.  In truth, most experts in terrorism or those involved in the strategy of disruption would have performed or timed these operations differently.

Watch this video compilation from Afraa Dagher: https://www.facebook.com/EDTVProductions/videos/596180490548967/

JABLA:   While Jabla is an extension of the largely Sunni-Christian city of Latakia, it is also closest to the Russian base at Humaymeem where bombers regularly take off to kill rodent terrorists.  As we write, those same bombers, Russian and Syrian, are taking off to interdict the flow of weapons from Turkey into the Aleppo City areas.  The Castillo Road which is the lifeline to Aleppo is now completely closed to all supplies.  In an effort to continue the suffering of the Syrian people, we can confirm that Turkey has allowed – in fact – pushed in, over 3,000 terrorist rodents recently trained by Nusra/Alqaeda and ISIS.  Jabla is also the birthplace of one of Palestine’s most inspiring fighters, Al-Shaykh ‘Izzeddeen Al-Qassaam, whose name has been given to Hamaas’ most laureled fighting group and to the homemade rockets they regularly use to disrupt the lives of the stinking, rat Khazar settlers occupying Arab Palestine.

9:00 a.m. – we are at the entrance to the Jabla Transportation Garage, essentially a taxi and bus station, where people come into the town from nearby areas, including Tartous and Banyaas, to shop, attend school or transact business.  This time is the busiest of the day before 8:00 p.m. when crowds begin returning to their destinations.   A Toyota pickup, manufactured by the conformist and amoral Japanese, – bought by the Saudi cockroaches – was driven into the entry area and parked there.  The pickup was stuffed with 350 kgs of C-4 (Semtex) and sundry metal items, like ball bearings and nails, to insure more lethality.   It was detonated by remote control.  The Syrian Security Services are now sweeping the area in search of a male suspected of being the trigger-man.  (His photo is exhibited below)

9:10 a.m. As word got out of the explosion, citizens naturally gravitated to the area in order to help or to determine if any loved one was among the injured.  A distance of only 100 meters away was the Directorate for Jabla’s Electrical Company.  People who heard the explosion at the taxi station were on alert and noticed a woman screaming out “Allahu Akbar” as she detonated her explosive belt right at the entryway to the building.  She is now in a thousand pieces of porcine fragments, but, she killed enough people to insure her swift descent into the maws of Erebus.



9:11 a.m.  At the entrance to the city of Jabla from the major Latakia-Homs Highway, a male suicide bomber drove his automobile, stuffed with NATO-provided C-4, and detonated his payload at the intersection that leads into the Al-Tadhaamun Quarter.  My readers may find this hard to believe, but, the driver survived the explosion and is now in critical condition at the Latakia National Hospital where doctors are frantically trying to keep him alive since his expected testimony will implicate both Erdoghan and Prince Muhammad bin Salmaan (and also, possibly, Obama and Cameron) in this atrocity.  My source tells me that the explosion was strong enough to throw the driver from the car violently into some hedges.  His survival is, still, quite amazing.



قصة يوم دامي في مدينة جبلة السورية 

إدانات دولية للهجمات الإرهابية التي تعرضت لها مدينتي طرطوس وجبلة في سورية


9:25 a.m. – At the Emergency Division of the Jabla National Hospital,  a slinky rodent terrorist exploded his belt at the entryway to the emergency ward destroying a whole section of the first floor where Sunnis were being rushed for treatment.   The evidence is still flimsy, but, it appears this terrorist had connections to the Sulaybi Quarter of Latakia.

takfiri on run in tartous

(Courtesy of Syrianews and Mary Shabbiha Woodward. Possibly the triggerman)

The head of one of the suicide bombers. Photo sent to us by Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri


As of right now, over 100 citizens have been killed by the Saudi-inspired rodent terrorists with 270+ wounded.   In Tartous, we can confirm 36 dead and 55 wounded.  In Tartous, the explosions were 3 in total.  The first was at the New Taxi Garage Station.  I will get more details about the attack on Tartous and publish them.

I have also received a note from an acquaintance in Beirut who told me that the Saudi ambassador, ‘Ali ‘Awaadh Al-‘Aseeri, is going to be skinned alive.  Already, the Saudi embassy is having security reinforced 5-fold as Lebanese patriots are champing at the bit to eradicate the Wahhabist stink in Beirut.

Famed Arabian child buggerer and demented Wahhabist freak, ‘Ali ‘Awaadh Al-‘Aseeri, exudes the kind of stupidity one expects from an Arabian.


Only a deep sense of failure could have prompted the Turks, Americans, Zionists and Saudis to perpetrate this atrocity.  The Jews of Occupied Palestine have a long history of using terror, like this, to accomplish their immoral and nefarious ends.  They are merely doing what comes naturally to them.  They are very good at claiming “victimization” while participating in these kinds of genocidal activities as experts in the field.

This latest act is proving that the Syrian Army and its allies in HZB, SSNP, Russia and Iran, are sweeping the deck clean.  Thousands of former terrorists have now surrendered and asked for clemency.  Their numbers are falling and their supply routes are drying up.  Planning and perspicacity are winning the day in the war to end the Wahhabist heresy in Syria.


At the direction of Doctor Assad, Hilaal Al-Hilaal, the Deputy Secretary General of the Ba’ath Party Regional Command visited the wounded in Tartous and commiserated with the many survivors of the horrific explosions.


HOMS:  ISIS is breaking in the eastern sector of Homs Province.  They cannot get any oil wells to pump.  Nor can they get the natural gas, either.  It looks like curtains for the terrorist vermin.


Tal Al-Khanaazeer:  (Hill of Pigs or “Porkchop Hill”):  Syrian Army commandos from the Tiger Force supported by Russian Speznaz experts and the Liwaa` AlFaatimiyyeen (An Afghan militia) crushed all resistance put up by ISIS at this crucial spot from where the rodents of ISIS hoped to spring back to Palmyra.  They are now in an impossible situation and they are being killed by the dozens.


(Thanks, Silvia Iranova)



Ziad has written extensively on the Saudi mosque network all over the world.  Now, they’re finally getting it out to the public:


My Gosh! Obama is an ally of Ahraar Al-Shaam.  He has to be.  Why did the U.S. veto the Russian proposal to list that group as a terrorist organization?


Imagen ilustrativa

The terrorist who was allowed into the United States. Shame on Obama.


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