Tarek Khalaf Abdullah and Omer the Chechen

Here he is, Taariq Khalaf Al-‘Abdullah, with the look of an idiot on his face posing next to ‘Umar Al-Sheeshaani.

DAYR EL-ZOR:  Yesterday and today were very bad days for ISIS.   In the aftermath of the drubbing the rodents took at the Assad National Hospital in Al-Bughayliyya, the Syrian Army Republican Guard was on fire as it exploited blatant weaknesses in the ISIS ranks killing scores of these fake-Muslim devil worshipers.

Al-Tharda Mountain:  So desperate for money is ISIS that it threw its very best commanders into the fight to wrest control of this mountain from the SAA.  The elevation looks down on several oil fields critical for the ISIS budgetary considerations (Al-Thayyim and Al-Neeshaan fields).  ISIS has cut its rodent salaries in half due to shutdowns of oil and gas operations due to constant Syrian and Russian attacks.  Yesterday, in the evening, as the rats were settling down to eat a fellow carcass to the south of the mountain, the Syrian Army, never one to sleep or rest, opened fire on positively identified vermin camped out in the area. Imagine their delight when SAA cannoneers found out they had just eradicated some really important rats:

Taariq Khalaf Al-‘Abdullah (Abu Bakr Al-Baghdaadi’s favorite field commander.  An Iraqi by birth, he was known as “Abu Haatim Al-Bu-‘Umar)

Waleed Hassan Al-‘Alwaan

Khudhr Muhammad Al-Faarooqi

Jamaal ‘Uthmaan

‘Ubayd Al-Darwees

Khattaab Mahmoud Al-Ahmad Al-Birjis

The rest of the 14 killed were not identified.

Mayaadeen Road:  A convoy came out again in full view of SAA spotters and SAAF aircraft from Mayaadeen City.  It was annihilated from the air.  The scene was reportedly one of pure mayhem as ISIS rodents didn’t bother to even take with them the wounded in a scene straight out of Hieronymous Bosch.  Aerial assessment confirms no less than 20 rodents killed.

Panorama Quarter in the city:  A battle took place in the farms to the southeast.  No other details.




The Syrian Army has now completed the flushing out of rodents from Hawsh Al-Khateeb.  It is totally rat-free.  Dozens of fellow rats, wounded or dead, were left behind to face the wrath of our vindictive militias.  SAA engineers are now combing the area to dismantle IEDs and land mines.

Khaan Al-Shaykh:  Syrian Army commandos initiated a high-quality operation at dawn yesterday and took down over 10 rats belonging to the Liwaa` Al-Faatiheen, a sub-franchise of Alqaeda/Nusra. 

A major battle is shaping up at the axis of Al-Khammaara Salloom Villas – Drug Factory west of Khaan Al-Shaykh.  The Jaysh Al-Islam vermin are putting all they have into this, which is why Saudi Arabia is starting to talk about Plan-B, all the while losing every battle in Yemen.  The battle for south Damascus will be decided here.



A Russian helicopter blithely flies by this villa in Tartus

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