Top Ahrar al-Sham Commander Killed in Clashes with Syrian Army in Latakia

Tal Al-Haddaada:  This is a major push into the one area which will open up the corridor to thousands of our troops designated for the liberation of all Idlib Province and the complete extermination of the American-Saudi-supported reptiles who infest the area.  Yesterday, in a blaze of fire, the Syrian Army and its allies in the PDC took down the stinking snake you see in the photo above:

Ismaa’eel ‘Ali Baashaa (a/k/a “Abu Dhiyaa` Binnish”.  He was gunned down running away from his rodents whom he left to die.  Which they did.)

Rizqallah Mahmoud Al-Naayil

The other 12 were not identified because they were foreigners carrying forged Turk-supplied documents.


Tal Al-Haddaada gives on to Bidhaamaa and Al-Naajiya.


Al-Rubay’ah and Salmaa:  Major clean-up operation in progress as rodents are seen leaving the undersides of rocks heading for Turkey.



Near Manbij:  Syrian Security agents monitored a strange looking caravan coming out of the A’zaaz area for many hours.  They knew from the license plates on the 8 trucks that they belonged to a company called Al-Yamaan Medical Supply Co., a business housed in Istanbul but established by rodents with close ties to Bandar bin Sultaan and ‘Uqaab Saqr and their entourage of vermin from Saudi Arabia.  The actual front is presided over by one ‘Abdul-Rahmaan Kanju, an offspring of a family notorious for its hatred of minorities.  They are also notorious for rampant ignorance and stupidity.

The trucks were halted 25 kms west of Manbij as they tried to take a serpentine route to reach their destination controlled by ISIS.  Once the convoy came to a stop and was searched thoroughly, imagine what we found?  Over $100,000.00 worth of field hospital supplies including Captagon, syringes, pain medication, bandages and all other useful medicaments for terrorists.  The total weight was estimated at over 25 tons.


ضبط 25 طنا من مستلزمات المشافي الميدانية قادمة من تركيا إلى “داعش” في منبج والموصل



الجيش يفك الطوق عن محطة الزارة لتوليد الكهرباء بريف حماة الجنوبي

Al-Zaara Electric Power Station:  We are delighted to report that the Syrian Army has pulverized the remaining cockroaches at this important station.  We are now confirming the death of more than 125 rodents in fighting at the Al-Zaara Station and at Hurr bi-Nafsu.   Most of the dead vermin were found lying around the latter village to where they attempted their escape.   They were all Nusra/Alqaeda and Ahraar Al-Shaam:

Subhi Muhammad ‘Ajlaani

‘Abdul-Jabbaar Mustafaa Zayneddeen

Suhayl Al-Dandashi

Muhammad ‘Ali Al-‘Asali

“Abu Ghudanfar” (Id pending)

Shawkaat ‘Allaaf

Fawzi Hilaal Badraan

Zayn Shakeeb Ardabeeli

The others have not been identified yet.  Many are Turkmen and other forms of excrement.



الجيش يسيطر على 13 قرية ومزرعة في الغوطة الشرقية لـ دمشق

I am warning my readers about what is happening now at Al-Nishaabiyya.  A couple of days ago, I told you the SAA is following the rodents to that town where the intention is to send a message of horror to the cringing apes of Arabia.  The SAA has been ordered to treat all foreign rats with the indifference they so richly deserve.  Be prepared to fend off attacks by trolls who will, doubtlessly, try to make some hay out of the large number of dead rodents you are going to see with your own eyes.  The Syrian Army has now liberated even more areas:

Arz Al-Nuhaasiyya

Arz Al-Shartoot

Arz Al-Kassaar


Add these to the long list we have provided.


There is evidence that Erdoghan is trying to increase presidential powers in order to ignite a new war in Syria’s north.  We believe the army will stop him.  The Saudis, who are desperate, are behind the planning for this.  Monkey are planning.  Imagine that.







At dawn, the Syrian Air Force went on another hunt for rodents.  This time they were ISIS rodents.  The SAAF demolished whole lines of fortifications, HQs and vehicles at these locations:

Abu Juryiss

‘Unq Al-Hawaa

Umm Sahreej

Umm Al-Reesh

Umm Al-Tabaabeer 


(Thanks, Silvia Iranova.  Syrian soldier proudly stands in front of a large missile launcher)

Al-Qunaytraat Village:  This is near Al-Rastan, City of Imbeciles, where the slinking, disease-carrying Nusra/Alqaeda leader, Hussayn Nawaaf Al-Naaseef, met his end.  He was sipping a cup of “matteh” with a silver, inlaid, brocaded straw, probably stolen from a home, when a big BOOM went off next to him jarring his senses, and diverting his thoughts to matters more metaphysical – more spiritual – like, for example:  in which cage will I spend eternity?  Will Lucifer provide me with enough Argentinian “matteh” during the few moments when I have respite from the fires stoked for me exclusively in Hell?  Gee.  We don’t know, Mr. Al-Naaseef. We’re just happy you’re dead.


Combatientes de Hezbolá.

Hizbollah fighters take aim at rodents in Aleppo.  Get ready for the liberation of ‘Anadaan.

Syrian Forces have now taken control over the following strategically important heights 20 kms northeast of Palmyra near Al-Mazaar Mountain:

Al-Haaraa Citadel Point

Point 619

Point 711

It is reported that scores of ISIS vermin left their positions and disobeyed monitored orders.


Al-Shaa’ir Valley:  SAAF in action destroying ISIS fortifications and the usual pickups with 23mm cannons.  Many dead rodents.  No more information.



Lt. General ‘Issam Zhahreddeen defiantly poses for the cameras with the dangling carcasses of rodents in Dayr El-Zor.

Al-Tharda Mountain:  Very heavy fighting reported during the last 24 hours with a confirmed 27 rodents killed, 2 pickups with 23mm cannons destroyed and a mobile communications van vaporized.  Among the downed rodents was:

Abu Khadeeja Al-Masri (EGYPTIAN ASP SPUTUM AND CHILD MOLESTER.  He was appointed General Director of Everything in DZ and also held the position of Commander of the Western Sector of Dayr El-Zor. Wow.  Id pending.)


Airbase area:  A pickup with 23mm cannon was destroyed by an SAAF bomber.


Huwayjat Sakr:  An attempted infiltration by ISIS vultures into the Al-Sinaa’ah (Industrial Quarter) came a cropper as 16 rats were mowed down easily by our militias.   7 were, reportedly, left to die.  Which they did.


Panorama:  This happened yesterday while I was barbecuing.  A suicide truck driver, all loaded with the necessary accoutrements to insure his dive into the fires of Hades, was surprised to find a Kornet missile a few milliseconds away from his door which, unfortunately for him, resulted in another flop operation.


Al-Jafra Village:  SAA repelled another attack by ISIS.  7 confirmed dead rodents.



Silvia Iranova sends us this video of our forces at the Arak Gas Field.  No ISIS vomit to be seen anywhere:

Brandon delivers the goods as Algeria contemplates joining the only coalition fighting terrorism:

Ghassan Kadi describes the Evangelical invasion of the Near East at the expense of the Orthodox Church:

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