DER’AH:  It is a day of teeth-gnashing for the virulent strain of plague-virus that is Nusra/Alqaeda.  In a blitheringly stupid series of missteps in Der’ah Al-Balad, the terrorist cannibals managed to send off 43 of their finest rodents to the chamber pot in Hell reserved just for them.


Der’ah Al-Balad:  After having collected precise intelligence about the movements of a group called “Liwaa` Tawheed Al-Janoob” (Def: Brigade of the Unification of the South, yawn), led by the notorious gangster and fecal fetishist, Ahmad Qutayfaan, the Syrian military set up a plan to assault its positions this morning, Damascus time.  This particular group is controlled by Saudi Arabia’s weasels in Amman, Jordan and is made up of mostly local yokels and Arabian codpieces who cannot wake up before 11:00 a.m. every day.

At the Al-Arba’een Quarter,  separate platoons of Syrian Army regulars and NDF stalwarts approached a garage with an ordinary automobile appearing to be in repair mode.  It actually concealed the presence of 4 Toyota pickup trucks armed with Croatian-manufactured 23mm cannons all being kept for a planned paroxysm of psychotic violence directed at the people of this city.  Once the garage was surrounded with SAA crack marksmen on the tops of surrounding buildings, the lieutenant in command raised a speakerphone and ordered all rodents inside to surrender.

When the officer was informed that the infantrymen could hear the rodents inside racking their weapons and chattering feverishly, he ordered his men to incinerate the garage.  Three to four rockets hit the building from 3 sides with the soldiers drawing a curtain of lead across the only exit.  It took about 5 minutes for the incident to end.  Once the smoke settled and the officer in command was satisfied that all explosives inside the garage had detonated, he ordered his troops to invade the collapsed structure.

What they found were the carcasses of 8 rodents which, miraculously, included the notorious field commander of Liwaa` Tawheed Al-Janoob, his military identification still in a cargo pocket evidencing his treason and dereliction of duty.

As it turned out, the garage was a Nusra/Alqaeda command and control HQ.  As the SAA continued to inspect the area around the garage, they found, a tractor that was built up with some armor and another 3 pickups, some with heavy and medium anti-aircraft cannons.  Here are the only Syrians among the carcasses:

Ayman Rushdi Ghazzool

Muhammad Faysal Mahaasina


Al-Yaadooda:   No details about this encounter, but, the Syrian news agencies are reporting several dead vermin.                


HAMA:  I am enjoying hearing reports about how the SAA and SAAF are coordinating ground and air strikes against Nusra/Alqaeda.  In a flurry of activity in this governorate, the 2 arms of the Syrian military struck at Umm Haaratayn, ‘Atshaan and Sukayk villages, all in the northern parts abutting Idlib Govenorate.  Including the Idlibi village of Al-Tamaani’ah, the terrorist groups have admitted to losing over 30 of their furriest and most rabid hyenas.


HOMS:  And for the record, ISIS has not closed off the main road from Homs City to Palmyra.  That’s just British balderdash.  They are trying to in order to distract the Syrian military from its daily pounding of oil-related areas around Palmyra, but, it ain’t working.



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