It looks like the Neo-Con media in the United States is revving up for some really intense propaganda campaigns.  The facts are the terrorists whom the Zionists  and their lackeys support are being annihilated very quickly.  The news coming in to us demonstrates a major failure in Saudi-Turk-American-British strategy and tactics.


DER’AH:  The Syrian Army executed 4 highly specialized operations against Nusra/Alqaeda at the southern edge of the city mostly around Al-Manshiyya Quarter and the Al-‘Abbaasiyya Bakery.  The rats were not prepared for the assault which was conducted by 4 separate units of the Special Forces backed by SAA rangers and infantry.  In the initial assault, which was nearly choreographed to occur at the exactly the same time, 7 pickups with 23mm cannons were destroyed and their occupants incinerated.

SANA also reported the destruction of 2 command-control centers operated by Nusra/Alqaeda with many Saudi Arabian rodent officers mixed in to the group.  What SANA did not report was that all the Saudis were killed as they tried to escape the developing assault.

These kinds of battles are being repeated all over Syria as the army has adopted a new kind of tactic based on complete coordination between the intelligence agencies and the army/air force encouraging greater initiative by officers on the ground who have to make decisions on the spot – no longer requiring them to obtain permission from higher-ups who are not on the scene.  This has shocked many of the deserters who were accustomed to intense manipulation of ground troops, reaching a level sometimes of “occasionalism” whereby every move had to be approved by someone high in the chain of command.  No more.

Not only that, but, Syria’s military has, apparently, completed a full cycle, with technicians now able to train a whole new generation of inductees on  machinery provided by Iran, Russia and China.  This is a major development that was anticipated by the Russian MoD, a key reason why Putin decided to cut loose some of his assets to encourage the enemy to negotiate at Geneva.


ALEPPO:  The United States is struggling to maintain any semblance of a coherent strategy.  Turkey reports the U.S. has positioned missile batteries on the border with Syria.  What these missiles are specifically is not known yet to SyrPer.  We don’t believe we’re talking about the Patriot system which was uninstalled some months ago.  As their Saudi partners continue to find new ways to both save their reckless economic policies while fomenting terror in the region, the U.S. is merely trying to shore up what little prestige it still has in the Near East.

Yesterday, the Syrian Air Force flew over 20 sorties over the Al-Raashideen Quarter to the west of the great northern capital.  The areas struck were Blocks 4 and 5 where the terrorists are desperately trying to hold on in the face of closure of their supply routes.  The cost of smuggling weapons and ammo into the area has become very expensive as mercenaries and tunnel rats find the risk to their life and limb most discouraging.  The SAAF is aiming to disrupt rat movements inside the area while the SAA  is forcing the enemy to use up very valuable arms and ammunition which are becoming increasingly difficult to replace.  It will take time to kill all the rodents inside this area for the reason they have booby-trapped buildings, roads and vehicles everywhere.


The Geneva talks will fail.  There are only a very few members of the opposition who are able to function without the Saudi cockroaches interfering in their efforts to find a solution.  But, because the reasonable opposition has no military weight, they carry no influence and are regarded with some measure of indifference in Damascus.   Our sources tell us Dr. Ja’afari and his crew are becoming increasingly frustrated with the Saudi-financed and NATO-backed terrorist negotiators led by the traitor, Riyaadh Hijaab.  The U.N. mediator/rapporteur, Staffan De Mistoura, is constantly emerging with concepts that amount to non-starters since he’s fixating on the one single obsession brought to the table by the terrorists:  Dr. Assad’s ouster.  In the meantime, our stubborn Dr. Ja’afari, has defined today’s meetings as “constructive” and “productive”.  In the face of so much Saudi and Turk obstinacy, we don’t know what he means.

Watch the Western Zionist Media: they’re going berserk.  Now, Newsweek, a notorious Zionist prostitute, is publishing nonsense designed to shift attention away from Turkey’s well-established relationship with ISIS’s petroleum racketeering to a preposterous claim that it was the Assad government which was making the deals with the terrorist organization.  This can only mean that something is coming even though readers’ comments on all these articles indicate the jig is up and nobody is buying the nonsense any more.



President Assad and the First Lady appear at Dummar Quarter to greet multitudes of Syrian citizens who took “selfies” with the couple.  You won’t see this in the Zionist-Lying Western Press.

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