ALEPPO:  The airwaves, cyberspace and the world of print are rife with reports of another “glorious” assault by terrorist cannibals on the positions of the Syrian Arab Army southwest of the northern capital.  This time, the coordinated attacks were reported by none other than the much-disgraced oracle of ordure, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) as announced by its only operative, the convicted felon,  Raami ‘Abdul-Rahman (f/k/a, Usaama Sulaymaan).  Amazingly, news sources as widespread as UPI, API, Reuters, inter alia, (with reporters everywhere but in Syria) are quoting this lunatic who has “zero” sources inside Syria and whose only access to news is the MI6 Department of Creative Writing at Vauxhall Cross in London.  Today, he touted a new offensive to the Western Press in order to maintain the illusion that the murdering Alqaeda vultures were back on the scene challenging the writ of the Damascus government.   The operation was a flop.  A disaster.

Tal  Al-‘Ays:  Alqaeda/Nusra, backed by Faylaq Al-Shaam, started their operation yesterday at dawn around 4:30 a.m.  Like the invasion of Idlib, the terrorists were equipped with 10 BMPs and 2 T-72 tanks overhauled by the Turks and the British.  According to Wael, the rats, also, were armed with about 8 TOW launchers courtesy of American manufacturers and the Saudi villains who will stop at nothing to prove what a crush of stooges and nincompoops they really are.

Once again, however, the Syrian Military Intelligence Directorate did its job by applying what it had learned over the last 5 years.  The fact remains that the British terrorist handlers, most of whom are MI6 independent contractors formerly with the agency or retirees from SAS, cannot keep any secrets.  They use mediocre communications platforms which are easily intercepted by the Russian military, the Syrian counterintelligence branch of the MI or HZB, which is proving itself to be surprisingly adept at the most complicated forms of encryption and deciphering.  Not only that, citizens are regularly reporting events to the MoI which uniquely controls 3 separate intelligence agencies all reporting to Maj. Gen. Muhammad Ibraheem Al-Sha’aar.  The Intel was clear:  British handlers in Gaziantep would micro-manage the assault based on detailed satellite and drone intelligence from the CIA and MI6.

When the assault started at the time mentioned herein-above, you could hear British accented voices barking out orders in execrable Arabic – so dreadful it sounded like bad Spanish.  It was only a few times, according to Wael, when a fluent speaker of Syrian Arabic could be heard with British voices in the background correcting this message or modifying this order.  It was as though they were playing team table tennis using Korean.

The moment the convoy of rodents appeared out of the darkness, emerging from the Idlib area, Russian Air Force bombers with night capabilities swept down on them.  The West has a morbid fear of equipping  their criminals with advanced shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles lest they wind up bringing down European passenger jets.  Instead, the West turns a blind eye to those antiquated SAMs which percolated into this theater by way of the Iraqi army’s arsenals captured by ISIS or the multitudinous Toyota pickups armed with Croatian manufactured Doschkas.  It was reported to me that the rodents fired several missiles at the Sukhoi bombers and the Hind helicopters flown by the SAAF.  By deploying chaff to deflect the SAM rockets, the Syrian and Russian air forces controlled the skies.  Don’t forget also that Russia manufactures the old SAMs and knows every detail about their design and target acquisition capabilities.

The Alqaeda vultures were quite sophisticated this time, installing mobile HQs and command and control centers on board some of the BMPs.  But these motorized beasts are easy to detect when they are festooned with aerials, and the like, bringing to attention the fact that they are something more than mere armored personnel carriers, so, the RuAF and SAAF concentrated their efforts on 2 targets:  The first was the mobile headquarters.  SyrPer has learned that every BMP (all four) which carried advanced satellite communications gear was vaporized.  The second was the focus of the SAA artillery units which received specific targeting intelligence allowing them to strike precisely at coordinated units of terrorists, effectively disrupting their organization, forcing them to divert direction in ways favorable to the SAA.

By the time the dust settled, the SAA had annihilated the 4 BMPs and the 2 T-72 tanks.  The tanks were reportedly destroyed by roving SAA rangers armed with Kornets or Milan anti-tank weapons.  To the eternal chagrin of the rodent barbarians, this defeat allowed the SAA to enlarge the area under its control to include all hilltops around the Jabal Al-‘Ays area.  The aftermath was so devastating to the rodent army, an complete assessment was made possible.  Here are the dead savages who could be identified out of the 41 confirmed killed:

Abu Moussa Al-Jazraawi (Id pending.  Known Saudi Arabian pus addict and child molester.  He was burned to a crisp and identified by a captured rodent.  He was allegedly a chief field commander for Nusra/Alqaeda at Tal-Al-‘Ays)

Saafi Abu Nadeem  (Purported Syrian national and commander of Faylaq Al-Shaam.  An army deserter, he was fried in one of the BMPs)

Shareef Muhammad ‘Alwaan

Dhayfullaah Al-‘Eedaawi

“Abu Nash`aat Al-Iblibi” (Id pending)

Faarooq Hussayn Abu- Shammaama (He will enjoy the honeydews in Hell)

Durayd Mahmassaani


The rest were all foreigners.  Many were confirmed Turks.

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