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DAYR EL-ZOR:   You have to give credit where credit is due.  Normally, we hear about the Syrian Army Engineering Corps taking the lead in dismantling IEDs and land mines.  But, they also help in setting up ambushes for slinky little rodents.


Al-Sinaa’ah Quarter:  For the last 4 days, the Syrian military was putting together a plan to force the ISIS rats to enter this quarter in the mistaken belief that the SAA was going to reposition forces and install new equipment.  This was accomplished by giving information to known ISIS sympathizers who had no idea that their identities were totally exposed.  Instead of arresting some of these traitors, they were permitted to live in order to carry disinformation to their principals mostly headquartered in Al-Raqqa.  The SAA-Military Intelligence people, liaised with the army in DZ,  have been cultivating several personalities like “Abu Saaber” who was known to be an Islamist sympathizer and minority-hater.  For several days, he was fed false information about the redeployment and the new weapons systems coming from the Russians which would make Al-Sinaa’ah impossible for ISIS to occupy.  Evidently, he transmitted the information to the rat command.

The Syrian military continued to follow up by tracking rodent chatter which eventually disclosed that a battalion of ISIS vermin made up of mostly Iraqi volunteers would lead the assault on Al-Sinaa’ah to prevent the SAA from establishing new positions with even newer technology.  As the battalion was taking shape, the SAA and Russian forces flew drones overhead to monitor the evolution of the terrorist force across the river.  As this was going on, Syrian Army engineers began to install large numbers of remote-controlled IEDs and land mines all along the eastern flank of the Industrial Institute.  The Syrian Air Force was also made aware of the plan so that bombers would be at the ready to finish off any rodents who managed to evade the network of booby-traps readied for them.



And wouldn’t you know it? They appeared right on time, as expected.  The remote control triggers were handled by 6 officers who were placed in positions with a wide visual access to the area.   As soon as the lead vehicle reached the farthest position down the corridor of explosives, the officers were to punch in the codes igniting the conflagration which was to kill 82 rodents and wound scores of others.

The operation went off without a hitch.  Just like the operation at Lake ‘Utayba east of Damascus, you could see the rat carcasses flying in the air as one IED and one land mine after another were detonated under the astonished faces of the mostly Iraqi rats.  Monzer writes that the terrorist commander in charge of the operation,  ‘Abdul-Qaader ‘Ukla Al-‘Aarif, was screaming insults to his superiors in Al-Raqqa just as his own Toyota flatbed drove over a land mine and was nebulized by the explosion.


Once all the planted explosives were spent, the SAAF hurtled down from the night skies and unloaded tons of bombs on the confused and shell-shocked rats.

This morning, the SAA conducted a field assessment and confirmed a total of 82 dead ISIS rats.



John Esq. sends this wonderful expose of Saudi Arabia.  Make this viral.  Everyone should see this:


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