الجيش يصد هجوما عنيفا لإرهابيي داعش على دير الزور ومطارها العسكري

DAYR –EL-ZOR at the Airbase:  For the umpteenth time, ISIS terrorists combined, under command of former Iraqi officers, to break the perimeter lines of this base protected by the Republican Guard headed by the formidable Muwahhid General ‘Issaam Zhahreddeen.  They tried and flopped, as usual, losing over 61 of their rodents whose carcasses were mostly left behind along with a substantial quantity of weapons and ammunition, the lion’s share of which carried the Saudi trademark.  The attack started from 4 points at dawn involving hundreds of rats, Sunday, and lasted close to 5 hours until it became clear to the rodent commander that his attack was critically thwarted after 3 and one half hours.  Syrian Air Force bombers flew sorties overhead blasting away at the rat lines followed by 2 Hind helicopter gunships which tore the attacking vermin into shreds.  Early reports indicate the non-Iraqi officers were executed for cowardice, however, I am awaiting confirmation.

The fact that they left so many carcasses and wounded behind was interpreted as a lapse in discipline because there is a belief among these Wahhabist vultures that the mere touch by a non-Sunni defiles the carcass of the fallen jackal.  Moreover, it seems that ISIS no longer cares about the Syrian military’s vaunted interrogation techniques which will enable our forces to better understand the makeup of the terrorist criminal organization.  There will be much warbling in the airbase today.


Al-Tayyim Oilfields:  The Syrian Army’s much-improved artillery units take credit here for some truly remarkable targeting.  A bulldozer moving frantically to raise defenses for ISIS rodents was pinpointed for destruction by guided rockets.  The dozer was operating just in front of the Electrical Company Building 16 kms south of the provincial capital.  No other details.


Al-Bughayliyya Town:  7 kms to the northwest of the city, at the Syrian Euphrates Hotel,


Yesterday, the SAA surrounded and killed an entire litter of ISIS rodents at Tallat Al-Mahrooqaat (Hillock of Fuel) destroying 2 pickups with 23mm cannons provided by Saudi Arabia.


Today, at the Syrian Euphrates Hotel, 2 ISIS rodents festooned with the expected suicide belts tried to kill as many innocent people as possible to appease their God of Death.  The operation was only successful in that the 2 terrorists managed to self-destruct.  Some vague news about civilian casualties, but, nothing tangible so far.


الجيش السوري

Haraabish Neighborhood:  An attack by ISIS on this area from Al-Sinaa’ah, Al-Jafra Village and Huwajat Sakr flopped.   The SAA confirmed destroying a mortar launcher at Al-Jafra.



الجيش السوري

The Syrian Army announced the liberation of Elevations 287, 397 and 409.  The SAA is presently clearing the areas of IEDs and mines.


Al-Sawda:  Nusra/Alqaeda attempted to infiltrate this village and failed.  SAA reports 4 rodents killed or wounded.


Jabal Al-Qal’ah and ‘Ayn Al-Baydha:  Nusra/Alqaeda failed to enter these area where several SAA outposts are located.  No other details.



ISIS  is desperate to shore up its lost prestige after an endless series of defeats at the hands of the SAA and its allies.  Yesterday, ISIS tried to enter Kafr Sagheer and Baabinnis which are on the border of Aleppo’s Al-Shaykh Najjaar Industrial Sector north of the city.   They used heavy weapons, 3 tanks taken from the Iraqi Army and various mechanized equipment.  The SAA has received a heads-up about the attack and was prepared to receive the retrogressive rodents.  The entire battle lasted 6 hours or so.  The entire attack was foiled by extremely heavy SAA artillery and, after that, roving units of rangers whose job it was to make the ISIS withdrawal as painful as possible.  No reliable figures available yet about rat casualties although Wael says it’s over 30 dead with many vehicles destroyed.


AL-RAQQA:  South of the city, the SAAF flew numerous sorties and struck ISIS HQs.  According to rodent websites, many have been killed, including these:

‘Ali Moussa Al-Shawwaakh (He was the Governor of Al-Raqqa Province for ISIS.)

Abu Faraj (in charge of ISIS checkpoints)



 Dr. Murtadhaa Muhammad (Ph.D. in geography), married and father of 3 children, gave his life yesterday at Palmyra. May he rest in peace.  He was from Tartous.  (Thanks, Samer Hussein)













Strangely enough, the Western media is changing in its coverage of the Syrian conflict.  Here’s an example:

Another example of how the west is changing:

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