بتوجيه من الرئيس الأسد.. رئيس الأركان يشرف على سير العمليات القتالية في تدمر

HOMS:  The rats inside were finally given the go-ahead to withdraw to Al-Sukhna, Al-Raqqa and Dayr El-Zor, but not by the rodent commanders in Al-Raqqa.  This was a desperate order by Abu-Ihaab Al-‘Iraaqi, the local commander who, evidently, values his life on earth alot more than what was promised to him by the shamans of ISIS  This morning at 5:00 a.m., the SAA had confirmation from sources inside the city that the piece-meal escape was taking place.  The Syrian high command ordered troops to stand down until the last rodent had left, after which time the SAAF and RuAF would take to the skies to see how many of the stragglers could be exterminated.  It’s over.

The Syrian and Russian Air Forces have been directed into the air to block any movement of terrorist ISIS rodents to any area considered a stronghold.  This means that no deal was ever struck between the army and the murderers inside the city.  Instead, what happened was the army was commanded to permit a withdrawal with the understanding that escaped rats would still be targets once the city was liberated.  As I write, SAA engineers are everywhere inside the city removing IEDs, booby-traps and mines.  It’s a thankless task replete with danger, but, it must be done in order to return the population to a safe city.


Syrian Air Force bombers are in the air around Palmyra searching for remnant rodents traveling in fast-moving vehicles.


General Ayyoob, Chief of the Syrian General Staff, was directed by the president to visit the troops ahead of the renewed push to liberate first, Al-Sukhna, and then, Dayr El-Zor.  The number of troops available for that purpose is in excess of 25,000 if one includes the PDC and Desert Falcons.  It is also known that Major General Suhayl “Tiger” Al-Hassan is very keen on being the leader of the force which will liberate Al-Raqqa and his forces to the east of Aleppo are preparing for exactly that.  We can tell you that Maj. General Maahir Al-Assad, the commander of the 4th Mechanized Armored Division, is in consultation with the high command to prepare for the breaking of the siege around the Dayr El-Zor Airbase.   The next few weeks are going to be boffo.      




Syria’s spokesman for the General Staff, Brig. General Ali Mayhoob, delivers the official announcement of Palmyra’s liberation.




You’ll love this Saudi ambassador’s hilarious responses to crisp questions from an enlightened interviewer:

Want more proof about Saudi Arabia’s fall from grace?

And now look at Qatar’s Al-Jazeera.  It seems the baddies are really suffering:

Obama must take blame for this. It is unbelievable how the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing:

Nicholas Reardon sends this one about King Dwarf’s talk to U.S. politicians. Seems he’s worried about some things he may have said and done before:

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