HOMS/PALMYRA:  The reinforcements I wrote about 2 days ago have arrived and the incursion into Palmyra has begun from the East, West and south sides of the city.  ISIS has little ammunition left and is relegated to hiding among civilians to avoid the inevitable fate assigned to this group of savages.  I want to repeat that the Syrian Army, led by the crack Desert Falcon, most of whom have lost family members to the Takfiri monsters,  has entered Palmyra. I have early reports that the “ancient city” is now under total army control, but, I cannot confirm this.  In the meantime,  the Falcons and members of the Special Operations units are searching for quivering rodents, most of whom are Iraqis and Turks, and killing them.  I do not expect the Falcons to take any prisoners; those who have chosen the way of Wahhabism will have to accept their express ticket to Hell as served up by our friendly conductors.  We predict the complete fall of Palmyra in the next 18 hours.

The Syrian Army has added to ISIS’s woes by also capturing the Waadi Al-Qusoor, Al-Qusoor Mountains and Al-Taar Mountain, all of which provide deep access routes into the city making armored maneuvers much easier.  In fact, T-72 tanks, numbering over 40,  have begun to move around the city firing at precisely delineated targets, many of which are identified by loyal citizens or Russian aircraft flying overhead.  These coordinates are critical to preventing unnecessary loss of innocent lives.  Monzer reports that over 100 ISIS rodents have fallen to the bayonets and knives of our invading force.

2 four-wheel drive trucks were vaporized by mobile army units armed with Kornet anti-tank rockets on the southern edge of the city.  The trucks, having all the indicia of Saudi provenance, carried 6 rodents apiece – the carcasses flying into the air like popcorn kernels on a heated grill.

The Syrian Army has also completely surrounded Al-Qaryatayn from three axes and a major assault with newly-arrived reinforcements is expect any hour now.

الجيش يدخل مدينة تدمر واشتباكات عنيفة مع الإرهابيين تجري في الشوارع

I just received another report that the SAA is inside the central roundabout in the city and that ISIS is trying to negotiate a surrender.  The SAA has rejected the offer and is proceeding to kill as many rats as time will allow.

Other reports indicate the leaders of ISIS have warned the defenders in Palmyra about surrendering, promising them death and an eternity in Hell if they do.

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