HOMS:  It has taken a bit longer than I had originally thought.  We are now past the 72 hour window during which the SAA and its allies were predicted to have overrun all ISIS positions in the city of Palmyra (Tadmur).  The reason for the slowdown is the ISIS plan to make the SAA’s incursion a bloody mess by placing large numbers of booby-trapped vehicles on main and secondary thoroughfares.  This has resulted in a more cautious approach with Desert Falcons and SAA special units entering the town with large numbers of RPGs in order to detonate all vehicles deemed suspicious.  This will enable the army to move in with greater confidence accompanied by armored vehicles for protection.

The SAA has now confirmed the complete severing of all resupply routes between Palmyra and Al-Raqqa and Palmyra and Al-Qaryatayn/Al-Sukhna.  If the ISIS rodents trapped inside have any expectation of relief let me disabuse them of any such fantasy.  Their condition is now no different than that of the Jews holed up in Masada with the Roman legions pounding on the walls.  Syrian and Russian aircraft prowl the skies to insure no weapons or ammunition are smuggled in.



Tallat Al-Sukkari:  The SAA has confirmed the total eradication of all ISIS rodents from this elevation.  The SAA took 2 days to finally remove the last trace of these plague-carrying vultures last night.


There has been a major advance by SAA, PDC and Falcons in the West side of the city after some extremely violent action involving hand-to-hand combat.  I can confirm once more that there is a large contingent of former Iraqi army regulars inside defending ISIS positions.  There is also a large number of ISIS explosives experts who are believed to have been moved from the west side to the center of the town.  They will all be killed, soon enough.


In the south, SAA is advancing quickly through the orchards.  SAA engineers, under cover of heavy artillery, were able to remove most mines placed by ISIS in this area.  As I write, information indicates the SAA is moving in heavy armor into this area with Desert Falcons scouting every nook and cranny looking for stealthy little rats to behead.


Al-‘Aamiriyya Village and Quarter:  To the north of the city, the SAA and Falcons have liberated it completely killing over 25 ISIS rodents.  It is the entryway into the city of Palmyra and its fall into the hands of the SAA only means that the pincers are starting to close.



Palmyra Airbase:  The Syrian Army and the PDC have liberated the airbase and it is now being converted to a platform for operations from the east.  The SAA reportedly killed 4 ISIS rats just before they were about to follow the others into the center of the city.


Retirees’ Villas and Western Assocations Quarter:  Totally liberated as of this morning, Damascus time.



Syrian soldiers mull around the Citadel observing the horrific damage caused deliberately by ISIS.  SAA engineers were particularly concerned about the booby-traps placed around the entrance to the monument.  They have all been dismantled now.


(Photo credit: SANA)


A Syrian Army NCO flanked by Desert Falcons shows his stuff here in a photo sent by Khalid Nawaz Al-Nouri.  They liked close shaves.



Beautiful drone footage of the battle for Palmyra from Khalid:



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March 24 at 10:56am · Leesburg, VA, United States ·

The battle is on for Palmyra, Syria

The world was horrified when ISIS took over the town and ancient ruins of Palmyra. They’ve murdered I don’t know how many people in the nearby town of Tadmur. They have destroyed several world famous archaeological treasures. They tortured and beheaded Khaled al-Asaad, the leading antiquities scholar. They held mass executions of Syrian soldiers in the Roman amphitheater.

And they took over the valuable oil fields there – and sell the oil into Europe via Turkey thanks to the son of Turkey’s President (and NATO ‘ally’) Recep Erdogan.

But now the Syrian armed forces, together with Russian air power and Hezbollah fighters, are in the process of retaking this beloved and strategic site. I thank God for all these brave men.

Palmyra was the home of the remarkable Queen Zenobia – who was quite successful standing up against the Roman Empire in her day. I guess resisting empires is in the blood of Syrians.

Palmyra under the ‘brutal dictator Assad’ was protected and honored. I have included a picture from the Cham Palace Hotel where you could go and sip coffee while looking at the dramatic ruins.

A US DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE AGENCY MEMO proves that in 2012, the United States of America decided that ISIS was an asset in our fight against the quite legitimate leader of a stable, safe, and sovereign nation.

Next thing you know: ISIS has weapons – including a treasure trove of new US weapons thanks to their ‘miraculous’ takeover of Mosul, Iraq; a way to sell their blood oil into Europe for financing in addition to millions of dollars they just happened to be able to seize from a bank in Mosul; a free ride ticket across NATO member Turkey’s borders into Iraq and Syria; and markets for stolen antiquities in Europe and the western Gulf allies.

I hope you will pray with me for the victory of the Syrian armed forces and their allies against the ravages of savages – savages who have been nurtured and supported, armed and trained by the west and/or our allies.

Janice Kortkamp's photo.


Janice Kortkamp's photo.


Janice Kortkamp's photo.


Janice Kortkamp's photo.


Janice Kortkamp's photo.

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