HAMA:  There has been a diminution in the number of military operations around Syria since the start of the cease fire.  Most terrorist groups are anxious to bring this war to a close having realized, finally,  that the only accomplishment of the war was the destruction of their own country.  Now, as negotiations proceed in Geneva, we are finding more and more “luminaries” in the exiled opposition arguing for greater cooperation with the government in Damascus.  On the ground, we can assure our readers that hundreds of former terrorists are coming out of the woodwork to ask for amnesty.  It’s happening quietly because the government is keen on not exposing the identities of many terrorists out of fear that publicity might dissuade others from coming forth.  With Nusra/Alqaeda and ISIS not included in the negotiations, the SAA and its allies continue the assault to rid all Syria of this plague.  A note to readers:  we are cognizant of the developments in northern Syria with the Kurds and we will address that issue at the appropriate time.


Al-Shaykh Hillal Area:  Deep in the rural region east of Al-Salamiyya, the Syrian Army backed by members of the PDC (NDF) received intelligence reports that a large convoy of ISIS vans and pickups was approaching from the east.  Following recently developed methods of rapid deployment, mechanized units took up positions behind hillocks to the south of the rural road used by the ISIS cannibals.  Armed with anti-tank weapons and heavy cannons, the SAA commander waited until the first truck crossed an imaginary line at dusk and ordered several smoke bombs fired to blind the rodents.  Once the smoke enveloped most of the convoy, panic ensued and the ISIS drivers started to move in various directions without rhyme or reason.  This made the entire episode, more or less, a turkey shoot.  We can confirm the deaths of 12 ISIS rodents and the destruction of 1 pickup with a 23mm cannon, 4 vans formerly carrying what appeared to be ISIS infantry and a truck loaded with ammunition.


Al-Mafkar to the northeast:  A unit of SAA and PDC fighters ambushed ISIS again based on excellent intelligence from SAA-MI.  The rodents were planning an attack on a military outpost manned by 30 soldiers with local militias at the ready.  This took place about 20 kms east of Al-Salamiyya and was a major disaster for ISIS in that it lost 3 pickups with 23mm cannons and another truck loaded with ammunition.  No terrorist escaped the ambush.  All were killed but 3 and the majority of the rodents were Iraqi.


East of Al-Shaykh Hilaal:  In an unrelated incident, the SAA targeted a truck loaded with ammunition, blowing it up into various and sundry pieces of useless metal while killing an undisclosed number of ISIS rats.  No other details available.


Waadi Al-‘Azeeb Area:  SAA carried  out an operation east of Hama City by about 110 kms destroying 1 pickup with 23mm cannon and killing 8 ISIS rodents with a reported 14 wounded.



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